5 Ideas for Blog Posts this Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get a jumpstart on planning your blog content. Here are 5 ideas of what to post, and how you can easily incorporate your ambassador's URL to earn more commission. 


1. What to Wear in (Location) in Spring. When you're traveling, you're sure to encounter different weather compared to back home. Let others know what to expect so that they can pack accordingly. This is a great time to mention what bags you love to carry, such as an Arden Cove Crossbody!


2. What's in my bag for (Activity or Location). This is a great way to share what essentials you must have with you, as well as any additional items you carry as the weather changes. Alternatively, you can do a packing guide. Be sure to include photos of the items in your bag so that people can get a great idea of what fits in it!


3. The Best Travel Bags with (Feature). This is great if you're really into your travel gear, and want to do a comparative post about the options out there. It can be the best day bags, the best anti-theft bags, the best waterproof bags, etc. It's a great opportunity to share the nitty gritty details of what some bags have that other are lacking, or why certain bags are more expensive or cheap! 


4. Tips for Students Traveling this Spring Break. As students take their time off to explore and have fun, give some advice on how they can stay safe, stress less, and make the most of their trip! 


5. Guide to (Activity) in (Location). As the weather warms up, people are spending more time outdoors. Whether you're a expert on hikes or food tours, create a guide to help visitors know what to do. While this can be a bit harder to tie in an affiliate link, it can be something as simple as a call out that is relevant enough- "The weather is pretty wet around March, so be sure to grab your favorite waterproof bag. I love this one from Arden Cove (link)" 


Hope you have a wonderful day!

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