6 Techniques For Promoting Arden Cove Products with Affiliate Marketing + Grow your Blog

Affiliate marketing is a great way for our us to help Arden Cove Ambassadors earn money for just sharing products they love. If you're new to this concept, here are some great ways to get started and start earning money online.

Try these helpful techniques to  promote your affiliate link online: 


1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share information, as you can write freely, and add in photos or video all in one place.

You can show off the product with creative blog topics, outfit photos of you wearing the bag, what's in your bag, product reviews, and so on. 

2. Post on Social Media

Direct people to your blog post or website by giving call to actions on your social medias. You can also write shorter posts on these accounts with your unique URL to direct followers to the website. Make sure you can use the special URL or else we can't attribute the purchase to you! So, if you are on Instagram, direct viewers to your profile URL so they can click on it. You can also be very creative in how you want to interact with followers, such as finding Facebook groups who would have similar interests, or even creating your own group to share your posts. Be active in your communities, and respond to comments and shares to increase visibility. 

3. Create Videos

Video is so great for people to see you and how you interact with the product. If you're not camera shy (or want to get over it!) creating videos can be a great way to be creative in the ways you share products and information. Plus, it can give you more exposure and provide your views a better look into your work. 

You can do live streams, vlogs, first impressions, tutorials, packing videos, or even animation to demonstrate features! Make sure to direct viewers to your link in the description box. You can then share these videos through emails or social media to further promote/spread the products.

4. Email List

Are you collecting emails of your loyal followers? You should! If you don't already, start ASAP! Regular emails are a great way to remind readers to keep coming back since you already know they like you and your content. Sending out monthly emails also is a good way for them to regularly learn more about you, and keep them updated on what is new, like the new products you are promoting. 

5. Use Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is a great tool when promoting products, but also just best practice for making your website and content more discoverable. In the long run it's a great way to make your website more visible and help grow your audience organically. If you haven't already, research how you can better optimize your blog. 

6. Add links and banners to your website

Adding banners to your website can be a great way to advertise a product since you get to show it off visually, but it's also clear that you're directing them to purchase an item. Make sure they don't look too similar with other content that might confuse your visitors. 

Another great idea is to think of some staple blog posts that will garner lots of views even in the long run. Perhaps you're a traveler and people always ask about your go to booking websites, hotels, and travel gear. Make a post that lists it all out, including your favorite anti-theft waterproof travel bags! ;) 


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