Arden Cove Ambassadors Guide

Welcome to the Arden Cove Ambassador's Program! We are so excited to have you join our community of travel loving group of women who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and advice with their communities. 

We have compiled this guide to help you learn more about our program, how it works, and how you can get started on earning a commission for sharing the products you already love. 

What are the benefits of being an Arden Cove Ambassador? 


  • Earn up to 25% on new Arden Cove customers!
  • Affiliate cookie duration – 60 days
  • Newsletters with updates on promotions, contests and sales opportunities

How do I start earning? How does it work? 

It's as easy as including a link to Arden Cove on your website or social media post! You get a unique custom URL when you sign up for our Ambassador's program, and this URL is how we track customers from your page to converting on our website. 

Simply advertise Arden Cove on your website, blog, or social media with a link using your unique URL. This can be a banner, a text ad, or any combination of these methods. When your readers click on your personal Arden Cove link, it will take them to our website. Even if they don't purchase the item they clicked on right away, if they make a purchase within 60 days on any item on our website, you earn a commission. 

Make sure you always use your custom URL when linking so that we can attribute customers to you! 

What are some ways I can advertise on my website or social media? 

You can share anyway where you can use your unique URL. This includes linking to the product in blog posts, having a banner ad on your blog, or anything else you think of! They should be fun, engaging and informative to your followers. 
  • Always use your unique URL so that we can track the customer and give you your commission. On Instagram, make sure to put your unique link in your profile and send people to click through your profile, or link your story with your unique URL. 
  • Take photos of you wearing the bag in interesting locations. Even it is not a dedicated post/ image for the bag, mention the bag in a caption with your unique link.
  • Have clear call to actions "Buy the bag I am wearing at Arden Cove [link]" 
  • Highlight points that will appeal to your reader. For example, if you're writing a blog post about safety while traveling, mention how our bags have RFID blocking, slash resistance, and locking zippers. 

Can I use your photos on my website or social media post? 

Yes! Here is a media kit where you can find hi-res images! We periodically update with new photos. 

Media Kit

Can you share my content, images, blog posts?  

Yes! We're always looking for great stuff to repost and share with our followers. Send us an email to with written permission to use your images, and how your would like to be credited/ linked. We often search through tagged posts on Instagram and Facebook to find content as well. 

We often have press relations that request images of the bags being worn for their articles, and we love to share fun images that you guys take (always with proper credit!) We get to look great with your gorgeous photos, and you get exposure from the articles- a win, win! 

How will I know my earnings?

All you have to do is sign into your account here, and you will have access to all the information, track your progress, and see what's working best for you. This is also where you can set how you would like to be paid. 

How do you afford such a generous 25% when other affiliate programs can be 5-15% or lower? 

We know that many bloggers make a living off of affiliate programs, and we love working with and supporting creative people like you! While there are currently other affiliate programs to earn from our products, we thought you deserve a larger percentage to work with us directly. 

We're hands on at every stage, from design to shipment. We save money when we don't have to give a cut here and there- so we'd love to pass the savings along to fabulous creators like you, who showcase our products! We made our products in hopes of sharing it with women everywhere- and we appreciate you guys for helping us do just that. This is just our way of saying Thanks! We want you to be able to travel more! 

What do you expect from me? What do I gain out of this? 

Just like any affiliate program, you can do as much or as little promotion as you want - depending on the results you would like to see. We'd love to see things like sharing our products though photos on your travels while wearing our bags, sharing our giveaways with your followers, and blog posts to share things like female solo travel, travel safety, and packing/what's in my bag. 


Obviously, you make money! A percentage of every sale gained through your unique link is for you to continue building your brand, business, and travels. But we also love to think of our Arden Cove Ambassadors as a supportive group of women who love travel. We plan on showcasing our lovely Ambassadors through social media posts (Reposts, #WCW) and in depth interviews on our blogs & email to share your stories, motivations, and passions. We hope that you are interested in sharing your stories and inspiring other women with what you do. 


Please let us know your thoughts- we'd love to continue working with you, promoting your brand, and growing together! You can always reach us at


Karin & Carmen

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