What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing 101

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money for sharing items you love! When you share your special URL with your audience, and one of your readers makes a purchase, you earn a percentage as commission. Your audience is not charged any more than if they were to shop with us directly. It's a way for us to say thanks for sharing our products with people who appreciate our bags. 

How can I use my Affiliate Link? 

You can place an affiliate link basically anywhere that you would normally put a link. If you are sharing a product you love, making it an affiliate link means that you can make money when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase. 

Some examples include: 

  • Write a Product Reviews
  • Share the link in a relevant blog post 
  • Image links on a blog post
  • Mention in an newsletter sent to email list
  • Post on Social media
  • List on a Resource Page (ex. My Favorite Travel Gear)
  • Create a Sidebar Banner Ad

Successful Affiliate Use

Authenticity: I would recommend only sharing affiliate links for products you have actually used and love. Readers will want to know that they can trust your judgement and that your sharing is authentic.

Relevance: You don't want to spam the link everywhere- people will just get annoyed. Make sure to strategically place the link where it makes sense and easy for people to click right when they want to click it. 

Connect: Make sure you understand your audience and speak to them so they feel that you're sharing something they can actually use and appreciate.  

What to do Afterwards

The great news is that once you get everything in place the links will continue to work as long as people continue to see and click on it. 

Continue to promote the link every so often as you have new posts on different topics, share new product releases, and share with new followers. 

When the timing is right, bring back an older blog post to an email blast or tweet to get new traffic. 

Take a look at your analytics on your website and affiliate program to see what's getting the most attention and what your audience loves most. Think about how you can elaborate on topics they are interested in, and promote content that's working best. 

Good Luck!

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