Christmas Shipping Schedule


It's the Holiday season and we know everyone wants to make sure their presents will arrive in time. Here's our handy schedule for figuring out exactly when you need to order by.

If I miss the deadline, does that mean my package will not arrive on time?

It depends. This estimate is on the more conservative side. Our free shipping can take 2-5 business days depending on where it's headed. Since we ship out of San Francisco, a package that's going out to another California address will arrive on the faster end of that estimation. If we're shipping to the other side of the country, it will take longer. 

I would recommend going though the checkout process and enter your address to get a better day estimation. We also offer several options for paid expedited shipping. 

Please note that the estimation is in business days, not total days! 

Please allow an extra day for fulfillment, as the estimation is for ship time only. We typically pack Monday to Friday before 4 PM PST. 

We will not be fulfilling orders on Dec 24th and 25th. All orders placed during this time will go out on Dec 26th. 

USPS mail is delivered nationally Monday through Saturday. On Sunday they do deliver Express Mail.

The post office gets busy during this season so don't cut it too close to the deadline to make sure you have some leeway incase of any mishaps. 

You can read our full shipping policy here

Happy Holidays!

-Karin & Carmen

Co-founders, Arden Cove


Shipping FAQ

I have a international address. When will my package arrive? 

We offer several options for International deliveries. Just go through our checkout process and you can see a day estimate on the shipping options. 

Standard shipping on international orders may not guarantee tracking once it leaves the US (dependent on the local carrier that will pick up at the border. For ex. Canada Post will provide tracking.)

Please note that we cannot guarantee a delivery time. When shipping internationally, there are too many factors outside of our control, such as customs at the border, to accurately predict when a package might be delivered. 

My package says it's delivered but I do not have it. 

We always recommend delivering to an address where you will be in person to accept, as there has been cases of stolen packages from front doors. 

First, we recommend double checking your front door/porch/lobby throughly. Sometimes a mail person may place the package in a corner, under a door mat, or behind a bush when no one is home. 

Next, I would recommend placing a call to your local post office or carrier to make sure it is not just on the way or placed behind the desk for pickup. Sometimes packages are marked "delivered" preemptively when the package is close but still on the way. If this is the case, it may be delivered soon.  

If the package is still missing afterwards, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with this issue. 

I am an international customer. How can I track my package delivery?

If you are an international order missing your package, please note that First Class International Mail does not guarantee tracking once it leaves the US. This is because it will transfer to the local postal service so it is up to them to provide tracking. For example customers in Canada should enter their tracking to Canada Post's website, and UK customers should use the Royal Mail website.

If you would like continuous tracking you should select DHL, FedEx, or UPS as your shipping option. 


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