How to Avoid Pickpockets and Protect your Belongings

How to Avoid Pickpockets and Protect your Belongings

We've all at least heard about the stories, even if we haven't experienced it ourselves. Thinking "I didn't even feel it" after reaching into an emptied pocket and realizing your belongings were stolen right from under your nose. Pickpockets can be at home or abroad, and it's easy to feel unsafe, but here are out best tips to warding off Pickpockets and keeping your belongings safe. 

Keep Pickpockets Away with these Helpful Preventative Steps

1. Stay Vigilant

Don't zone out without being aware of your surroundings. If someone is getting too close for comfort, step away from them. Look behind you every so often to check, even if you don't feel or hear anyone behind you. 

Make sure your surroundings are safe and your belongings are secure before delving into your book or Instagram feed.

2. Be Aware of Common Tactics

If something smells fishy, it probably is. That quick, "accidental" bump could have been a distraction for the Pickpockets to reach in your bag. 

Read up on your area or where you're traveling to so you know the most common problems to be aware of. We covered the most common techniques pickpockets use to prey on victims in this blog post

    3. Zip, Clip, Clasp, Lock

    Don't keep belongings in open, wide, deep pockets or purses. These are the easiest to reach in without you ever feeling anything. 

    Find purses that lock close. Clips and clasps are a visual deterrent, even if they don't require a key to open because Pickpockets are constantly looking for an easy target and won't risk getting caught trying to open a clasp. 

    At Arden Cove, we make bags with this in mind. Shop our Anti-theft Bags

    4. Keep your bag in front of you

    When you're in a crowded area, hold your bag in front of you with one arm over the closed zipper. If you're wearing a backpack, wear it in front of you. When you take a seat, keep an arm over it. Keep your strap on your body, or wrap it around the chair. 

    5. Don't look at your phone

    I know it's hard to not look at your phone when waiting for the bus, or on public transit, but at least don't stand right next to the door scrolling casually with one hand. It's the perfect opportunity for someone to snatch and run right as the door closes behind them.  

    Same thing with tablets, cameras and other electronics. If you have one, keep the strap around your neck or wrist at all times. 


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    I’d love to know: What are your big travel dreams? Drop them in the comments. 


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