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Beautiful, durable bags for travel and everyday use: protect your belongings in style.

We’ve designed an elegant and functional bag that will ward off thieves and opportunists, but also withstand the climates and stress bags undergo while in everyday use or while traveling.

Born out of necessity, the Arden Cove Anti-Theft Crossbody is a beautiful, functional, and sturdy day bag designed for the tasteful modern woman. With extreme attention to functionality and durability, the Anti-Theft Crossbody is made to not only protect your belonging from people who want to take it from you, but also withstand the climates and stress bags undergo while in everyday use or while traveling.

Arden Cove started with two sisters who wanted to make bags they couldn’t find on the market. Tired of poorly-made or cute-but-useless bags. We wanted bags that were beautiful and functional. Bags that would endure the abuse we put our belongings through day in and day out.

Over several months we’ve gone through many prototypes and iterations. We’ve refined our core vision for what the Anti-Theft Crossbody can be while also making something beautiful and functional suitable to a wide range of uses. All of this hard work and effort has led us to the bag you see here. The perfect companion for every-day use or the on-the-go traveler.

We launched our Indiegogo campaign to great success, becoming Fully Funded in just 3 days, with women from around the world telling us how they loved that two sisters were creating a product that helped women travel safer at home and abroad. We finished the campaign at 300% funded, far exceeding our original goal. 

Currently, we're hard at work making these bags become a reality! We've set a conservative shipping date for the bags to be March 2017, and we're so excited to share them with women all over the world. If you missed our Indiegogo campaign and would like to be notified for preorder, please sign up for our mailing list


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