Creating the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel in 2024

Creating the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel in 2024

So here at Arden Cove, we've been in the business of creating the best crossbody bags for travel since 2016. In 2017, we launched our flagship Crissy Crossbody (in the Full and Mini sizes) and have been improving and iterating them as we grow and gather customer feedback. 

We've since introduced the locking strap version of the Crissy Crossbody, which has a screw bit that keeps the strap clasps closed when you want to keep them extra secure either on crowded transit areas or when you want to lock your purse to your chair in a busy restaurant. We've also made updates to the quality of our hardware by not only making our own hardware moulds, but also updating the grade of our electroplating so they stay looking nice and shiny longer. 

This year, we are taking all our learnings, feedback, and component upgrades to create our next crossbody that is optimized for travel. Why a crossbody? It is one of the safest ways to carry a purse when surrounded by pickpockets and thieves. No one can simply grab you bag and run off with it, like if you wore it as a shoulder bag. It is harder for folks to pickpocket without you noticing since crossbodies usually position the bag in front of you. We know our customers are looking for more options beyond our Crissy Crossbody, so we brainstormed some new options.

Looking for something bigger

Folks love all our anti-theft and water-resistant features, like our pickpocket deterring zipper clasps, slash-resistant lining, RFID blocking built-in wallets, and water-resistant zippers, but we know some folks need something bigger than our Crissy Crossbody. We're keeping all these great features and making a larger bag (but smaller than our Victoria Tote) that will still be a great travel companion. We want to create a medium crossbody that is big enough to fit an iPad, which is a common travel tool of choice used for photos and other memories. 

Reviews asking for a bigger bag

Change of Materials

With a bigger bag, it gets harder to use our water-proof nylon as the main fabric of choice. It starts to warp and look frumpy with lack of structure to support the extra material. Because of that, we are thinking of a whole new style that's different from the Crissy, a more of an upgraded version of our Elise Crossbody. We'll be using our high quality microfiber faux leather, which has had it's own upgrades in the last year. We work with a factory who improved their technique to create a faux leather that feels even more like genuine leather, and is still water-resistant and durable. 

Some new features to improve utility

You've told us what you are looking for, and we are listening. When looking at the Crissy, folks are usually asking to see if it can fit a 16oz water bottle upright, has external slip pockets, and has more RFID blocking compartments for more documents and cards. We are trying to incorporate all the new requests while still keeping true to our mission to create a good looking anti-theft bag. We plan on making the slip pocket hidden so onlookers do not expect it to be there. We think this is important since slip pockets are commonly used for smart phones, and no one wants to be without their phone ever. The larger bag will also allow for the water bottle. We also have something special planned for the RFID blocking compartment. 

Arden Cove Anti-theft Features

We want to hear from you!

Either you are one of our existing customers, or you just found us online, we want you to be apart of this journey to create the ultimate crossbody for travel. Stay tuned on updates on progress as we work on the first prototype by signing up for our email newsletter. We'll be sending surveys and first looks when it is ready!

Also email us at info(at) if you have any direct feedback you'll like to see us incorporate! 



  • Jillian Swift

    I’ve requested a larger crissy bag for years and honestly I believe it has the best design of your bags. It’s tried and true just needs to be bigger. That would make for the ultimate travel bag, possibly about 12” long. Perhaps add an internal slightly padded sleeve in the main compartment for either an iPad mini or kindle, keeping it protected. Or make two compartents to keep the iPad in its own pocket completely. A external zip pocket on the back of the bag large enough to accommodate a phone. For support put a recycled material between the fabrics so that way the same nice, wipable material you already use for the crissy could also be used. I’m excited to see what you all create but if a larger crissy doesn’t happen now I hope to see it in the near future. Thanks for the opportunity to give some suggestions.

  • Casira

    The only thing I’m really dying for is a light blue with gunmetal accents colorway!

  • Anna

    Great news that you’re making a bigger crossbody bag, but please please keep it waterproof! The whole point of me even considering an Arden bag was for the waterproof feature. Most other bags are water resistant, but nothing else was waterproof. Please reconsider!

  • Kathleen Montague

    A couple of years ago I was in the market for a safe travel crossbody and looked at your line. I am one of those who thought the bag was too small for me to carry my list of essential items: sunscreen, portable phone charger, paper maps, and space for a sunglasses case for when you visit a museum and need to store your glasses. Granted, I just listed some fairly bulky items, but I’d certainly be willing to look at a bag that carried most of my items if not all of them. Thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to hear about a larger option!

  • Rose Marie Deschenes

    Definitely would love a larger bag to fit an iPad, water bottle, and sunglasses case. I love my crossbody bag which I use everyday since it first came out. I’m in need of an upgrade as the black has shown some wear but will wait for this new bag. Love the locking straps and would love more RFID pockets and a slip/pockets for chargers, lipstick, and a pen.

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