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Bags Are Here! Close up & High Quality photos of Bags in Each Color

Arden Cove Crossbodies All Colors and Sizes

The bags are here! This video tells you when to expect your bags & gives you a better look at the bags. Plus some fun footage of us picking up the bags :) Check out the rest of the post for better photos of each bag!

  1. We're preparing to fulfill orders so please make sure if your listed shipping address on Indiegogo is correct!
  2. If you still haven't filled out your Official Survey, please take the time to do so now. 
  • Check your email for a message sent from Info@ArdenCove.com
  • If our email was in your Spam, please add us to approved email list 

Thank you so much for backing us! We can't wait for you to get your bags!

- Karin & Carmen

Arden Cove
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  • Nylon: Black
  • Microfiber Faux Leather: Black
  • Lining: Lavendar
  • Hardware: Gold




  • Nylon: Cream
  • Microfiber Faux Leather: Brown
  • Lining: Dusty Pink
  • Hardware: Gold


  • Nylon: Grey
  • Microfiber Faux Leather: Black
  • Lining: Light Blue
  • Hardware: Gunmetal
  • Logo: Grey


  • Nylon: Maroon
  • Microfiber Faux Leather: Brown
  • Lining: Peachy Pink
  • Hardware: Gold


  • Nylon: Navy
  • Microfiber Faux Leather: Brown
  • Lining: Desert Sand
  • Hardware: Gold

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