New Arden Cove Bags! Introducing Surie Satchels and Marina Wallet! + GIVEAWAY

Arden Cove Launching Winter 2017 - Satchel & Convertible Wallet Anti-theft & Waterproof


Our campaign is now live! You can back our campaign to receive your own Marina Wallets and Surie Satchels!


We're so excited to announce our next items to be launched in just two weeks!

When we started Arden Cove in 2016, we sought to make beautiful, functional bags for the modern, travel savvy woman.

We did just that by launching our Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbodies on Indiegogo in October 2016. We were successfully funded (300%!) and launched full force into production and fufilment. 

A year later, we are back with the same values - quality, practicality, style - in more bags to choose from.

We're so excited to expand the styles of bags and accessories offered, women who love our concept and proven quality can now appreciate more designs, sizes, and colors. Now all your bags can all be just as stylish as they are practical!


To celebrate the countdown to launch date, we're giving away a Midi Surie Satchel away for FREE! Keep reading to the end to find out how to win. 

Let's see the new items!

Slash Resistant Faux Leather Strap

You guys have been asking and we've been working hard on this one. We really wanted to create a non-chain strap that was still slash resistant ever since we launched the crossbodies, so this is a year in the making! (Hard to believe, I know!)

We went though tests and samples and new ideas, trying different materials, different thicknesses, different combinations of materials, and we finally (finally!) got a working prototype we LOVE.

What it is: On the inside it's tough with a slash-resistant cord, and on the outside it's a super soft with realistic but actually faux leather microfiber.

It's stylish, light, and best of all adjustable!

How to get it: We're launching a small batch of these on our website at the end of this month. So, if you already have a Crossbody from us and want to make the switch to the non-chain strap, stay tuned as they will be hitting the stores as soon as we get them into our hands! These are also the same straps that will be going on the NEW designs - keep reading more!

ETA: End of November

Midi Surie Satchel

What it is: It’s larger than the Full Crossbody, but compact enough to be an everyday handbag. Just like the other crossbodies, it has waterproof zipper & exterior, the same anti-theft features, and it’s pretty darn good looking. Wear it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or handbag.

What it fits: iPad, tablet, kindle, journal, books will all fit. I like to pack a cosy sweater as it’s getting colder these days, some makeup to touch up, and a water bottle to stay hydrated!

How to get it: We're launching on November 28th on Indiegogo! Mark your calendars and join our mailing list to get an insider's discount on the first day!

Grande Surie Satchel

What it is: Our larger satchel are for day you need to carry a lot- or maybe you need to carry a laptop. It’s also a great bag for a short overnight trip since everything will fit beautifully in this roomy bag! Waterproof zipper & exterior, plus the same anti-theft features.

What it fits: A laptop! Originally it was made to fit up to a 13” laptop, which it does beautifully, but turns out I can even squeeze in my 15” macbook air. When I’m flying, I like to take this as my carry on and also pack a sweater (that airplane AC is so strong!), an empty water bottle that I refill after TSA, makeup pouch, and an extra pair of undies, socks and a shirt (just in case).

How to get it: We're launching on November 28th on Indiegogo! Mark your calendars and join our mailing list to get an insider's discount on the first day!

Marina Convertible Wallet


What it is: This wallet isn’t just a normal wallet. It’s super versatile when you need to be on the move but want to keep your belongings safe. The exterior is a water resistant microfiber faux leather, waterproof zipper, and locking zipper. Inside has RFID blocking material, 12 card slots, zipper pocket, bill pockets, and an open pocket. Comes with a slash resistant strap and a wrist loop - wear as a wristlet, crossbody, shoulder bag, or belt bag!

What it fits: Your phone (iPhone 8+, Samsung Galaxy S8+), keys (attached keyring), cash, cards (12 slots), headphones, slim external battery, and USB cable. Throw in a lippie and you’re ready to hit the town!

How to get it: We're launching on November 28th on Indiegogo! Mark your calendars and join our mailing list to get an insider's discount on the first day!
What do you think? Let us know what you're looking forward to, or any suggestions on what you would like to see in a comment down below! See you on the 28th!


Win a FREE Surie Satchel - GIVEAWAY!

Arden Cove Midi Surey Satchel Giveaway


  • Even neugarten

    Please tell me how I can purchase the surie satchel. Can I purchase it over the phone? Thank you.

  • Chris Mastin

    Impossible to find is a mid size bag with a trolley sleeve. It would be AMAZING if the Midi Surie Satchel had a trolley sleeve so you could run through the airport without your bag falling off your shoulder or from ontop of your luggage.!!!

  • Chris Mastin

    I’ve be on the internet for DAYS looking for an intermediate bag to travel with when I accidentally ran into a video you made about Arden Cove. They are all too tiny for me until I saw the Midi Surie Satchel. PERFECT!!!! How is it possible to obtain one??? I don’t even know how much they are!!! HELP!!!!

  • Kalovan

    Where Can I purchase the new products?



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