Taste Testing Unique Asian Flavored Chips from Taiwan & Hong Kong

Karin brought home a smorgasbord of unique Asian flavored chips from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here's her official taste test and ranking of the chips! 

I apologize in advance for talking while chewing, crinkly bag sounds, and just blurry footage in general. I still enjoyed filming this so I wanted to share anyway!

I love trying foreign countries' snacks, and it's especially interesting to see what American companies are making abroad! Who else thinks they should bring some of these flavors home for us to have a taste, too?? 

PS. Carmen tried them all too, loved the pickled plum and hated the honey mustard. So, you know, take our rating for what it is: just a lot of fun nonsense!

Share below: What is your favorite flavored chip that you can't find at home?

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