What fits in a Carmel Convertible Backpack

What fits in a Carmel Convertible Backpack

The Carmel Backpack is one of my personal favorite bags to not just travel with, but use in my every day life. We get tons of questions on which items will fit so here is a comprehensive guide on what you can fit and pack into the Carmel Convertible Backpack



Size & Dimensions of the Carmel Backpack

The Carmel Backpack measures 10.5” (26.67 cm) x 3 - 4.5” (7.62 - 11.43 cm) x7 - 8” (17.78 - 20.32 cm)

What I pack for a day trip with my Carmel Backpack

One of the main reasons I'll opt for the Carmel Backpack over the Crissy Crossbody is for days I know I will want to carry a bit more. Maybe it's chilly at night and ill be out all day, so I can fit a packable jacket along with a larger water bottle. Since it's a backpack I know it will be more comfortable on the shoulders to distribute the heavier items. 

Here's an example of what I packed for a day in exploring Cabo: 


Does the Carmel Backpack fit a Passport? Where to put a passport in the Carmel Backpack

Yes! We suggest putting it in the front bill pocket as it is RFID blocking. Remember to use the clasps, especially in crowded areas like buses and trains! 

Here are more ideas:


Does the Carmel Backpack fit a water bottle? 

Yes. It will fit a standard 16.9oz waterbottle standing up vertically.



Fun fact, it also fits a 2L camelback! A trick I used for hiking and snowboarding:  


Does the Carmel fit an iPad? 

Yes it will fit a 10.2 iPad / tablet! Please note that with a case it may be a tight fit to move it around the edges and zip it up, but you should be able to fit it snugly. 

Does the Carmel fit a book / novel / kindle? 

Yes, it will fit a novel and hardcover book. I can even pack a blanket to sit on while reading my book in the park:  





Can the Carmel Backpack fit a DSLR / SLR / large camera?

We get this question a lot from photographers, and the answer is yes. We've also heard from customers who added their own camera padding (like ape case) to have extra protection for the cameras, which we think is a brilliant idea! 


What Straps to wear with it 

So you're ready to pick this bag, but now you have to decide which strap! There are a couple options for straps and how to style it, so read this blog post for more info! 


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