Where to see Wisteria in San Francisco

Where to see Wisteria in San Francisco

I recently took some photos of my friends for a post makeup & hair trial for their upcoming wedding! We had to take advantage of her pretty hair and makeup so we headed out for an impromptu engagement-esque photo shoot by moi, your friendly neighborhood unprofessional but very enthusiastic photographer. 

It all started the week before when they scouted out a spot with the biggest, prettiest wisteria trees I've ever seen. They sent a photo and asked me to come with them next week and I immediately replied "YES!"

I had no idea that this spot was so instagram famous but once I saw the photos and looked into it, I could see why everyone flocks there for photos come April. 

Instagram Famous wisteria spot in SF

Where is the famous San Francisco Wisteria spot? 

The wisteria is actually a private home on the corner of Mariposa Street and Connecticut Street in Potrero Hill. 

Since it is a private residence, please be respectful! Don't cause disturbances and don't mess up the flowers. 

The owner actually came out and had a nice chat with my friends the week before, so our impression is he is very friendly and proud people are enjoying the flowers! 


When is the best time to see Wisteria in SF? When Does Wisteria Bloom In Northern California? 

Wisteria blooms in Northern California in the spring, usually in mid-April. The flowers can bloom for 2–3 weeks, depending on the weather. Wisteria blooms once a year, and the plant can take up to two months to show all of its blooms. 

I suggested stopping by occasionally once April starts if you are close, or check recently tagged photos on Instagram to see if they are blooming. 

What time of day is best for photos? 

Since the wisteria wall is facing East, so I imagine it would be prettiest with morning light. However, we visited around 6 before sunset, with the sun behind the house shining though, which led to some pretty back lit photos! 

Where else can you see wisteria in the San Francisco Bay Area? 

Filoli Historic House & Garden (Woodside, CA) 

When to visit: April to May (We went around May 9th)

This beautiful garden with large purple and white wisteria is worth the short drive to Woodside. It will also be perfect timing to see their impressive tulips! 

Golden Gate Park:

Zellerbach Garden of Perennials

- Japanese Tea Garden

- Botanical garden


1763 Jones St


Wisteria House on Waller Street


Happy Spring Wisteria Season! 


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