MB Packing Backpack named Forbes Most Stylish Backpack for Summer Travel 2024

MB Packing Backpack named Forbes Most Stylish Backpack for Summer Travel 2024

We're excited to announce that our MB Packing backpack was named as one of the most stylish backpacks for summer travel 2024 by Forbes!  

This is what they had to say:

"This sleek-looking option unzips entirely, making it more like a small suitcase in many ways. There is a separate zippered compartment where an extra change of clothes could easily be stored. Add in a laptop and some headphones, a few other items and off you go. It also features water-resistant slash-proof fabric, locking clasps and vegan leather."

MB Packing Backpack dimensions & features
Out of the whole list, our MB is not only the only one that can open all the way like a suit case, but it also boasts the most anti-theft features beyond just RFID Blocking compartments. We also have them lined with anti-slash material and clasps on all the zippers to ward off pickpockets. It is also weather-resistant with water-proof nylon and water-resistant zippers all around. 
It qualifies for a personal item and can fit easily under your airplane seat, so you don't need to worry about any carry-on or luggage fees, and still be able to pack enough for a multi-day trip.
@ardencove @Forbes names the MB Packing Backpack as one of the most Stylish Backpacks for Summer Travel! ☀️⛱️✈️ ♥️ #travel #travelbag #travelbackpack #luggage #luggagehack #luggagepacking #suitcase #forbes #packing #backpack #carryon #carryononly #carryonbag ♬ original sound - Arden Cove

Get ready with this perfect personal sized item that you can stow under your seat for this summer's travel.

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