Brand New Long Wide Strap Product Details

Brand New Long Wide Strap Product Details

Our brand new Long Wide Straps are a longer variant of the original Wide Straps. Here's the full details on our newest strap addition to our slash resistant straps! 

How long is the Long Wide Strap? 

The Long Wide Strap is adjustable, and ranges from 36"-67" (91.44 - 170.18 cm) in total length. 

With a Crissy Crossbody, it is 15"-31" (38.1 - 78.74 cm) in drop length. 

How long is the original Wide Strap? 

The Wide Strap is adjustable, and ranges from 26" - 45.5" (66.04 - 115.57 cm) in total length. 

With a Crissy Crossbody, it is 10" - 20.5" (25.4 - 52.07 cm) in drop length. 



How is the Long Wide Strap anti-theft? 

Both the original Wide Strap and Long Wide Strap have the same materials and features. The only difference is length. 

  • Adjustable strap
  • Microfiber faux leather
  • Slash resistant with reinforced cable
  • Locking clasps to secure strap to bag 

The original Wide Strap also comes in classic straps instead of locking straps, but the Long Wide Straps only come with locking hardware. 

How can the Long Wide strap be worn?

The Long Wide Strap is designed to be worn as a crossbody strap, but since it's adjustable it can be short enough to be a short shoulder or chest bag! 

The original Wide Strap is great as a chest bag, shoulder bag, or even a belt bag. It is long enough to be crossbody for some people but we encourage you to measure how long you would like the strap to be before purchasing. 

Here is our size guide to measuring your perfect strap length! 

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