Choosing the Perfect Strap Length: Size Guide

How to select the perfect strap length for your crossbody

To get the best strap size for you bag, measure your bag or body with these steps. We have provided 3 options with directions below. Option 1 and 2 are the best to get the exact result.

Option 1: Measure the Strap Drop Length of your Bag

1. You will need a crossbody bag that you already know and love the length on when worn on your body.

2. Take a tape measure and measure from the top of the body of the bag (from the center) to the peak of your strap. (See image on right)

3. Find the length closest to this measurement in inches.


Option 2: Measure your Body

1. Take a tape measure and measure from the top of your shoulder to the opposite waist where you want the body of the bag to sit. This would be where the top of the body of the bag will start. (See image on right)

2. Find the length closest to this measurement in inches.

Option 3:
Height Chart

This is harder to predict, as some people prefer their bag to sit lower or higher, have longer or shorter torsos, thinner or wider torsos. We have provided this for people who do not have access to a tape measure, but please use Option 1 or 2 if possible.

Please keep in mind that this is a general height guide and may not be perfect for every body type or preference, so please use your best judgement. 

Size Guide for Strap Lengths According to Height: 


Example Images

Click here for more for images of both Full Size and Mini size bags on a 18", 20", and 23" drop length chain strap on models at various heights.


  • Thanks for your comment, Patty! You can now buy additional/replacement straps here:

    Carmen (Arden Cove)
  • This is a very helpful strap purchasing guide! I bought my bag back in April and while I do love it, I sadly ordered a strap that is too long. The bag would be perfect with the correct length. I recommend everyone use this guide & I hope you will offer straps for purchase in the future so I can use my bag more often.


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