Color Comparison Guide

The Anti-Theft Travel Crossbody comes in many awesome colors! Here's a closer look at each color to help determine which are perfect for you. 



 A Closer Look

Cream with Brown Details

The cream nylon is an off white color that looks slightly warmer indoors, but more neutral in sunlight. We found the perfect brown microfiber leather to match - a lighter, warm brown. While it can get dirty more easily, the waterproof nylon makes it easy for spot cleaning and is a trendy, youthful choice that will go along with both neutral and brighter outfits.

Zipper Tape: Light Matching Cream

Lining: Dusty Pink

Black with Black Details

Black is an classic staple that we knew many of you would love. Unlike cream, any dirt will be hard to detect. I've made sure to find true blacks that were not too blue, too brown, or too grey. This is a great option for people who like to stick to classic, neutral palettes, but of course, black can go with anything!

Black comes in two hardware options: gold or gunmetal.

Zipper Tape: Black

Lining: Gold- Lavender, Gunmetal- Grey.

Grey with Black Details

This grey is an unexpectedly pleasing color! If you're looking for a neutral that is a little more out of the box, consider this color. You've already seen our earlier prototypes in our video/gifs! It's a medium grey with a very slight warm tone, which makes it easy to pair for an effortless-but-cool look. This is the only bag to come in gunmetal hardware & strap (other bags have gold colored hardware). 

Zipper Tape: Black

Lining: Light Blue

Navy with Brown Details

Blue is a great option if you're looking for some color but think that maroon isn't the one for you. This deep, rich navy with medium brown leather is the perfect combo for a casual yet pulled together look. 

Zipper Tape: Matching Dark Navy

Lining: Apricot

Maroon with Brown Details

While some may find non-neutral colored bags intimidating, this reddish-purple jewel-toned color can be a great addition to many outfits without being overpowering. It is the most dynamic color, as it can appear more purple indoors, but is very vibrant with reddish hues in sunlight. 

Zipper Tape: Matching Dark Maroon

Lining: Peachy Pink

Red with Brown Details

If you love the warm colors but find the Maroon a little too purple, this deep red is perfect for you. It matches perfectly with neutrals or jewel tones, making it a versatile statement piece for any season. 

Zipper Tape: Matching Dark Red

Lining: Beige

Red vs Maroon Color



Chocolate Brown with Brown Details

Our Chocolate brown color is perfect for light neutral lovers. It's the perfect - not to warm, not too cold - just right brown to match with all your other neutrals. If you love the cream color but worry about keeping it clean, the brown is a perfect pick. 

Zipper Tape: Matching Dark Brown

Lining: Beige


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