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Take off with confidence

Keep your belongings and information secure with Arden Cove Anti-theft & Waterproof Crossbodies
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new ways to travel in style

Convertible backpacks and wallets to adjust to your travel needs
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Travel with safety and confidence. We combined practical functionality with master craftsmanship — all without the luxury price tag.

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Waterproof Nylon & Zipper - Arden Cove
RFID Blocking Built-in Wallets - Arden Cove
100% Lined with Slashproof Fabric - Arden Cove
Locking Zippers & Detachable Strap  - Arden Cove

Waterproof Nylon & Zippers

RFID Blocking Built-in Wallet

Slash resistant lining & straps

locking zippers

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@ArdenCove on Instagram
If this isn’t the holy grail of travel bags, I don’t know what is.
The days I use the Arden Cove purse are the days I feel a lot less stressed and ready to enjoy my adventures.

My new fav travel bag!

I ❤️ to travel with my @ardencove because it's less worries on my mind!







We are two sisters who are born and raised in San Francisco and share the love of travel, amazing food, and family. We think women everywhere should be able to travel safely at home and abroad while looking great.
- Carmen & Karin, Co-founders of Arden Cove

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