How to Clean & Care for Your Arden Cove Waterproof Crossbody: Frequently Asked Questions

You have your very own Arden Cove Anti-theft Waterproof Crossbody - Congrats! But you're not really sure how to clean or care for it. Here's our frequently asked questions to help you out. 

Q: Will the material be easily stained? 

A: We get this question a lot. Especially on our lighter, cream bag. Personally, I've carried the cream bag for months and haven't had any problems with the light color staining, thanks to the durable, waterproof nylon exterior. This material has a rubber backing, which makes water impenetrable (but I still wouldn't recommend dunking your back in a pool!).

Most liquids spilt on the bag will just roll right off- so you don't have to worry about an accidental spill at the bar, or a kid running around with a juice box! If there's some sugary residue, take a wet cloth and gently roll off.

If you have some other dirty marks, try mixing some light detergent with water and gently rub with a wash cloth. The material will expand with water so it might look a little puffy at first, but the material will dry back to the original state. 

Q: How do I clean the outside of my bag? 

A: Due to its durable, waterproof material, the bag super easy to care for and clean. While messes can still happen, can be dealt with by simply using a washcloth with a mix of light detergent and water. The material will expand with water so it might look a little puffy at first, but the material will dry back to the original state. 

The faux leather we use is a very high-quality and durable material as well. To clean, spot clean with a damp cloth. 

Q: Is the waterproof nylon scratch/cut proof? How to get rid of scratches on the waterproof nylon? 

A: The exterior nylon is not cut resistant. The slash proof material is actually inside the bag, sandwiched between the waterproof nylon and the inner polyester lining. That being said, the nylon holds up well. One customer took a kitchen knife and tried cutting the bag open, mistaking the nylon for the slash proof material. The bag escaped with some minor scratches, but don't try this at home! 

If you have some minor scratches, like scruff marks, try soapy water (like a clear detergent) or baby wipes to see if that will lessen the appearance of the marks. If the fibers are actually torn, then there might not be a good way to fix that. :( Here's to hoping it is the former!!

Q: My bag has a smell to it. How do I get rid of it? 

A: Sorry if the smell is a bit strong! The bags are brand new, and will have a bit of a smell to it due to the materials and the glue used to hold the materials together before sewing. There's a whole lot of layers — with the waterproof nylon, slash-proof material, interior lining, as well as all the microfiber piping and faux leather details — and they all need to stay in place!

The good news is that once you unpack the bags, the smell will go away once it gets some sunshine and air! 

Try that and see if it improves in about two weeks. I find that the smell is only noticeable if I really put my nose up to the bag. If you find that it still doesn't help, try placing a sheet of fabric softener, or baking soda in a sock (or DIY a bag out of fabric softener). If times get tough, try fabreeze! This is all some stalking online forums, as we personally have not encountered this problem with out bags, so we hope one of these works out.


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