Classic Vs. Locking Hardware

We have two hardware options for our Crissy Full Crossbodies and Carmel Convertible Backpacks: Classic and Locking. 

What is the difference between Classic Vs. Locking Hardware in Arden Cove Bags

The main difference is in the locking hardware strap clasp has an extra mechanism for you to lock the clasp closed when on your bag. 

How to Lock and Unlock Arden Cove Locking Clasps

To open the clasp, rotate the cylinder counter clockwise until it is below the opening. Push the bottom open.

To lock, rotate the cylinder clockwise until the cylinder covers the opening. Stop once you reach the middle.

Please note there is no click or stop until the cylinder hits the top of the curved metal. We recommend stopping where the opening is covered but not hitting the top of the metal to avoid scratches. It will stay in place and not slide down.   

How does Locking Hardware Protect My Purse? 

The clasps and locking hardware all work as deterrents. In most cases, pickpockets are looking for an easy target so having the clasps make it clear that it will be more difficult to discretely open. 

In all cases we still recommend staying alert and vigilant of your belongings. Of course, we recommend you putting your own health and wellness first and foremost. 

Here are some resources on how to stay safe and protect your belongings:

Are the Zipper Clasps different with Locking Hardware?

The zipper clasps are also slightly different in appearance to match the shape of both clasps.

Please note there is no locking cylinder on the zipper pull clasps on either options.

Which Arden Cove Bags Have Locking Hardware

Crissy Full with Chain Strap

Crissy Full with Leather Strap

Carmel Convertible Backpack

Elise Crossbody

Dolores Commuter Backpack

Victoria Tote

MB Packing Backpack

Which Arden Cove Bags Have Classic Hardware

Crissy Full with Chain Strap

Crissy Full with Leather Strap

Cissy Mini with Chain Strap

Crissy Mini with Leather Strap

Carmel Convertible Backpack

Grande Marina Wallet

Kelso Passport Pouch

Kelso Card Pouch


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