Crissy Full Crossbody vs Carmel Backpack: Comparison Guide

Crissy Full Crossbody vs Carmel Backpack: Comparison Guide

The Crissy Full Crossbody and Carmel Backpack are two of our most popular bags - and for good reason! If you're debating between the two, here are the main differences between the anti theft purse and backpack that we would recommend considering. 



Materials & Features 

Both bags share the same anti-theft, water resistant features and materials.

They both have water resistant, rubber backed nylon exterior with YKK waterproof zippers, slash resistant lining, clasps on every exterior zipper/ locking zippers, and RFID blocking built in wallets. 

They even have similar organization, with a larger pocket with interior zip pocket and two wall pockets, and a smaller front pocket with a built in wallet with 8 card slots and a bill slot. 



Size & Dimensions

The biggest difference in the Carmel and Crissy Full Crossbody is the size. 

In fact, the Carmel Backpack was born out of feedback from customers who loved the Crissy Full but wanted something a bit bigger! So it's almost the same exact bag but taller, wider, and with extra d-rings to convert it into a backpack. 

The Crissy Full Crossbody measures 6.5” (16.5 cm) x 2 - 3.5" (5 - 8.9 cm) x 8.5” (21.6 cm)

The Carmel Backpack measures 10.5” (26.67 cm) x 3 - 4.5” (7.62 - 11.43 cm) x7 - 8” (17.78 - 20.32 cm)

Carmel Backpack and Crissy Crossbody comparison

The Carmel Backpack is taller and wider than the Crissy Full Crossbody, but similar in length. 



What fits inside the Crissy Full Crossbody vs Carmel Backpack

Both bags will fit a decent amount of the essentials, including a standard 16.9 oz water bottle. The Carmel Backpack is larger, so it will fit more items.

The Carmel Convertible Backpack is a great option if you are looking for a bag for your iPad. The Crissy Crossbody can fit an iPad Mini and Kindle Paperwhite, but not a larger iPad. The Carmel Backpack will fit an 11" iPad Pro. 

We have a dedicated blog post on what fits inside each bag: 

What fits in the Crissy Full Crossbody

What fits in the Carmel Backpack


Many of the best selling colorways come in both styles, such as black-gold, black-gunmetal, and chocolate brown. However, the Crissy Full Crossbody does come in even more color ways, including fun limited edition colors that the Carmel does not. 

Crissy Crossbody comes in a wide array of colors

Crissy Crossbody comes in a wide array of colors

Straps and Ways to Wear Them

The Crissy Crissbody is mostly worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag, making it the perfect travel handbag. You can pick from a number of Arden Cove straps to choose your favorite style, or get a couple so you can switch it up for every occasion!

Strap Guide for the Crissy Full Crossbody

The Carmel Backpack is designed to be great as a mini backpack, making it one of our most popular womens travel backpacks, but also can be converted into a crossbody by changing up and extending your strap with our adjustable straps. The convertible backpack handbag can be a great feature for you to have the ability to change the style to meet your needs at the moment. Here's the guide to straps we recommend: 

Strap Guide for the Carmel Backpack 

In the end, both are popular choices and you can't go wrong. Consider what items you would like to carry with you, and if you need the extra space of the Carmel, or if you like to keep it minimal with a Crissy Full Crossbody. In addition, think if you like a backpack to help distribute the weight on both shoulders, or if you feel more comfortable with a crossbody to stay by your side. 

Of course, we're always here to help! If you have more questions, leave a comment or chat with us by clicking the message button on the bottom right of your screen. 




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