What fits in the Crissy Full Crossbody

What fits in the Crissy Full Crossbody

As our most popular best selling style, the Crissy Full Crossbody is the perfect size to take on your adventure. Here's some of the most popular items people ask about fitting in the Crissy Full Crossbody: 



Size & Dimensions of the Crissy Full Crossbody

The Crissy Full Crossbody measures 6.5” (16.5 cm) x 2 - 3.5" (5 - 8.9 cm) x 8.5” (21.6 cm)

What I pack in a Crissy Full Crossbody for a day trip

 Here are some examples of all the things you can pack in a Crissy Full Crossbody for a full day of adventure: 


Where to put a passport on a Crissy Full Crossbody? 

We suggest putting the passport in the front bill pocket, which is RFID blocking. See a video guide to where you can put your passport here: 

Where to put a phone on a Crissy Full Crossbody? 

You can place your phone in the front pocket, or in the main compartment. Depending on the size of your phone, it may not fit in the interior wall pocket, as they will be too tall (Most Pro Max phones are too tall). 

Does the Crissy Full Crossbody it a 16.9oz water bottle? 

Yes, it will fit a standard 16.9oz water bottle horizontally in the bag.

Here are some videos to show how much room you will still have inside: 


Does the Crissy Full Crossbody fit a kindle / novel? 

 Yes, it will fit a novel or kindle paperwhite. 


Does the Crissy Full Crossbody fit an iPad? 

The Crissy will fit an iPad Mini or 8.3" tablet. It will not fit a 10" iPad or larger. 

Which strap should I style the Crissy Full Crossbody?

There are several options to pick from when purchasing your Crissy Crossbody. Here's a guide to all the styles and ways to wear them. 


As always, we're also here to help! Just reach out in our chat on the bottom right to ask a question. 

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