Brand New Limited Edition Colors!

Brand New Limited Edition Colors!

A while ago we asked our email list what color you guys wanted to see our bags in next. We decided to make the colors you guys requested, so here are the results!


@ardencove we only made a small number of each color but hope you love them! 💞 more anti-theft water-resistant travel bags on #travelbag #ardencove #smallbusiness #womenowned #womenownedbusiness #antitheftbag #antitheftpurse #waterrresistantpurse ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio


Black Nylon, Brown Trim, Gold Hardware

At first we weren't sure if we needed another black bag - we already have Black with Gold hardware and Black with Gunmetal Hardware. But this turned out to be the most popular pick of the survey! 

It's a gorgeous combination of staple colors that are still neutral, yet adds more visual interest with the brown trim to break up the shape visually. Perfect for October and cozy fall vibes! 

Forest Green Nylon, Brown Trim, Gold Hardware

Green has been a popular request since launching our bags, but once we found this gorgeous shade we knew it would be a hit! If you're a fan of jewel tones, it's the ultimate rich luxe green that looks gorgeous in different lighting. I honestly can't stop staring at it! 

Dusty Pink Nylon, Brown Trim, Gold Hardware

Ever since we sold out of our last limited edition pink bags back in 2019, you guys have been asking for us to bring it back! We were unable to make another batch since our nylon supplier discontinued the color, but we did finally source a new pink. This time it's a deeper, warmer pink reminiscent of pinky sunsets.

Light Grey Nylon, Brown Trim, Gold Hardware

This grey is lighter and a touch warmer than our current Grey Nylon / Black Trim / Gunmetal Hardware colorway. Its perfect if you're a light neutral girly who wants something cooler than our Cream bags. I can see it working perfectly with light neutral Fall outfits, and icy snow winter wardrobes! 

New Mini Crossbody Color - Black Nylon, Black Trim, Gunmetal Hardware

This has been the most requested colorway for the Mini Crossbody since we launched it with out Full sized Crissy Crossbodies! It's the second best selling color so we're so excited to finally make it in the Mini size! By the way, did you know the Mini Crossbody is the perfect size for NFL stadiums, music festivals and concerts?! 

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