5 Min Makeup Look with only what fits in Marina Wallet!

Karin challenged herself to do a quick 5 minute makeup look with only items that fit in her Grande Marina Convertible Wallet and Belt Bag

When on the go or traveling, I don't want to fuss with having too many steps or products, but I also don't want to spend an hour doing my makeup! Because who has time for that? 

For that reason, I've developed a quick, simple routine that I can do in just a couple minutes with small, multipurpose products! Plus, every single item fits into my Grande Marina Convertible Wallet and Belt Bag

Why the Marina Wallet?

  1. It's my everyday bag of course for a light purse kinda day. Small, compact and fits just enough! 
  2. Converts easily from crossbody to wristet to belt bag. 
  3. Other features include anti-theft features like RFID blocking, locking clasps and even a waterproof zipper. Shop Now. 

Watch the video above and keep reading for my key tips to a fast, easy go-to 5 minute makeup routine for travel or on the go. 

  1. Choose products that don't require fancy tools to apply. Cream foundations and concealers pack and travel well, plus they blend into the skin naturally if you warm it with your finger tips. Win-win!
  2. Multipurpose items save critical space. A lip-cheep-eye multipurpose stick is my go-to for a sophisticated monochrome look, but it also means 1 item instead of 3 separate things. 
  3. Skip steps you don't care for. If you love the way mascara looks but find eyeliner annoying to apply, just stick to what you love! There is no rules in saying you have to do every single step in order so just do you. 

With just three guiding tips, you can form a low-fuss routine perfect for you. Do you have any other tips? Let us know. 

Would you try this challenge? Share with us below! 

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