5 Unforgettable Dishes to Try in Las Vegas, NV at 5 Different Restaurants

5 Unforgettable Dishes to Try in Las Vegas, NV at 5 Different Restaurants

Karin and I recently visited Las Vegas in March 2024 for the Travel Goods Show, and we had the chance to show off our Anti-theft Crissy Full CrossbodyAnti-theft Elise Crossbody, and our Anti-Theft Carmel Convertible Backpack. Every day after the show, we'd venture out onto the strip to find tasty bites. Here is our Las Vegas restaurant guide of the places we visited, and my recommended dish for each spot!

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace

Bucchannal Buffet Entrance and Map

When we were in line for this buffet, the guests in front of us said this was the best buffet in Vegas. The best selection for the price. They have a huge array of food stations, from seafood, meats, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more. 

If there is a long waitlist online, don't worry, and still sign up! It doesn't seem like they actually use the waitlist religiously, and will ping you to head over even if you are #79 in line (like we were). You then check in with the front desk and line up for a table at the entrance. Since we were a party of two, we were able to get seated faster than larger parties in the line since there were more than two tops available. 

Bacchanal Buffet Snow Crab & Seafood

In terms of what to eat, I'd say definitely focus on the steamed snow crab legs (not the cold!!). We saw folks with huge mounds of snow crab legs, and nothing else. The legs were the most flavorful, so try to pick up less of the bodies if possible. The snow crab legs outshined the other shellfish like the lobster and dungeness crab. Other notable dishes would be the prime rib - which was so tender, juicy, and flavorful - and the octopus. I stayed away from all the carb-based dishes since I was there to eat my body weight in meat and seafood to get my money's worth, but everything else did look delicious! 

CHICA at The Venetian

Chica at the Venetian. Entrance and Map


We got a little lost wandering around the canals to find this spot, but once we did, we got going on the food. They serve Latin fusion cuisine - a bit of a mix of New American with some hints of Asian flavors as well. The spot has a cool vibe with a beautiful bar area with plants hanging from the ceiling, and playful neon light accents throughout. 

Interior of CHICA Restaurant in Las Vegas
Our favorite dish, hands down, was dessert. The flaming skull is not only a wonder to watch, but also very generous in size while being delicious. They take a chocolate lava cake and cover it with a chocolate skull shell decorated in edible gold dust. They then pour 100% proof rum over the skull and light it on a fire tableside, and you watch the chocolate melt all over the cake in bright blue flames. You then enjoy the warm lava cake with melted chocolate, a scoop of horchata ice cream, berries, and corn marshmallows (made with masa).
The Flaming Skull at CHICA, Las Vegas, NV
A great show and dessert in one! It can easily feed 2-4 people, especially if you save room for it. Karin and I could barely finish half, but we did order quite a bit of food for the whole meal. If we had one less entree or appetizer, we might have been able to finish it all. 

Blue Ribbon at The Cosmopolitan 

Blue Ribbon Map and Interior


The Blue Ribbon was the first restaurant of our trip! Unfortunately, since I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child, I had to abstain from the raw seafood selection, which looked amazing! It looked like they had an amazing selection of oysters and other shellfish. Our waiter was very nice, but maybe a bit on the pushy side - never forgot an upsell when he had the chance! 

Fondue at Blue Ribbon, Las Vegas, NV

Our favorite dish was the cheese fondue. Not only was it fun to dip our foods into the delicious stretchy cheese, but it was quite filling as well! It came with a bowl of cut bread cubes, bread sticks, granny smith apple slices, and a potato skin filled with bacon bits. There is something comforting about fondue - the chewy softness of the melted cheese with various textures and flavors is delightful. Folks online also praise the fried chicken here. We ordered the "Bucket" of Wings, which was great texture-wise - very crispy skin, moist tender meat - but I thought it could have used more seasoning or marinated so it would be more flavorful overall.  

Lotus of Siam on Flamingo Road

Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, Map & Interior

So we made the mistake of coming here without a reservation - don't do that! We arrived around 11 am, and they still had open tables, but since they had reservations for the whole place booked out, we couldn't be seated. We waited for reservations to no-show, but eventually got seats at the bar, which does not require a reservation (we had to be proactive about getting seated at the bar). 

This place has an impressive resume and even another conference attendee told us she was coming here for the best Thai food a couple of days earlier! Karin also visited the year prior on a girl's trip, and she really enjoyed the food back then as well. 

Garlic Crispy Prawns at Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas, NV

Our number one pick for a dish is definitely the Garlic Crispy Prawns!! They separate the shrimp shell from the body but keep the shell on at the tail, fry the whole thing in a light delicious crispy batter, and top it with pepper salt and minced fried garlic. You eat the whole thing, shell and all, which is all very crispy and the shrimp meat itself isn't dry. A close runner-up was the Khao Soi with the Crispy duck - also delicious!

 Hell's Kitchen at Caesar's Palace

Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas, Map & Interior
So we didn't go to Hell's Kitchen this trip, but Karin did last year, and I am just a huge fan of the show! The actual show wasn't filmed here, but they designed the kitchen and dining area to look like the actual set in the show, so if you want to immerse yourself in one of your favorite reality shows and eat some of the dishes you see Ramsey throwing in the trash, you are in the right place. 
Karin's number one pick is, of course, the famous Beef Wellington. Just look at that beautiful even cook! If you don't know what a Beef Wellington is, it is an English steak dish that takes a seared filet mignon, spreads a thin layer of mushroom+shallot+garlic paste, then wraps it all in a puff pastry and baked to a golden brown. It is served with some demi-glace, mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies. Karin said it was good, but not necessarily amazing for the price - more of a novelty if you are a fan of the show. I'd probably order it if I went - I mean, how could you not! 

A reminder to stay safe

Just a week after we came back from our Vegas trip, I saw a TikTok of how someone had her phone pickpocketed on her own trip to Vegas. She said she has since found our anti-theft bags, and never go to Vegas without them since pickpockets there know folks are distracted by the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps. During our stay, Karin used her Carmel Convertible Backpack and I used my Marina Grande Wallet as a shoulder back under my arm. It was also helpful that we were traveling together so we were less likely to be targets. Be more aware when you are in crowded areas like bars and tourist attractions where someone could slip into your bag and grab your valuables. Avoid open bags and use zippered bags - bonus, if they have clasps like ours, do to keep them closed! We hope you check out our must-try restaurant and food recommendations on your next trip to Las Vegas. Have fun and stay safe. 

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