Comparison: Crissy Full Crossbody vs Marina Grande Wallet

Comparison: Crissy Full Crossbody vs Marina Grande Wallet

What is the Difference between the Marina Grande Wallet and the Crissy Full Crossbody?

If you're deciding between the Crissy Full Crossbody and the Marina Grande Wallet, here are some main considerations when deciding which bag is perfect for you!

Arden Cove co-founders pick: Karin loves the Crissy Crossbody for her weekend adventures. She loves that she's able to pack everything she needs while staying out the whole day. Carmen loves using the Marina Grande Wallet as a belt bag everyday to stay hands free and organized, whether she's taking the bus on her commute or while going out with her kids. 

Crissy Full Crossbody and Marina Grande Wallet

Size & Dimensions

The Crissy Full Crossbody is larger than the Marina Grande Wallet. 

Crissy Full Crossbody is 8.5” (21.6 cm) x 6.5” (16.5 cm) x 3.5" (8.9 cm) on bottom including pocket, 2" (5cm) on top, without pocket. Weight is 1.2 lbs (544 g)

Marina Grande Wallet is 8” (20.3 cm) x 4.5” (11.4 cm) x 1.75” (4.4 cm). Weight is 0.525 lbs (238.1 g)

The Marina Wallet is similar in length to the Crissy Full Crossbody, but not as tall or wide. 


What fits inside the Crissy Full Crossbody and Marina Grande Wallet? 

Since the Crissy Full Crossbody is taller and wider, it fits larger items that the Marina cannot. For example, a 16.9 oz water bottle, sunglasses case, and a packable jacket. 

The Marina Grande Wallet is slimmer, and more ideal for small items like your phone, cards, keys, portable charger, lip stick, or ear buds. 


Size and Dimensions of the Crissy Full Crossbody Classic Hardware what fits inside water bottle

Features Comparison of Crissy Full Crossbody & Marina Grande Wallet 

Both have been designed with safety and functionality in mind. You can travel with these bags assured that these bags were bags to keep your belongings safe!

Learn more about our Materials and Features here

Feature  Marina Grande Wallet  Crissy Full Crossbody
RFID Blocking Yes, interior pocket Yes, front pocket built in wallet
Clasps on Zippers Yes Yes
Slash Resistant Yes, Hard shell Yes, Lining
Water Resistant YKK Zippers Yes Yes
Exterior Material Microfiber Faux Leather Water Resistant Rubber Backed Nylon



Interior Organization

The Crissy Crossbody has two pockets. A front pocket that has a built in RFID blocking wallet, which has a bill slot and 8 card slots. The second, larger compartment has a zipper pocket on one side, and two wall pockets on the other side. There is a d-ring for you to attach a keyleash, sold separately. 



The Marina Grande Wallet is a super sized wallet with tons of organization. There is a total of 12 card slots, and a zipper pocket, as well as plenty of compartments to organize your things. There is a d-ring and included key leash to attach your keys. 



Ways to Wear it

Both bags are designed to be versatile, so that you can switch up the straps and style to fit your needs. 

The Crissy Crossbody comes with a strap of your choice, between a Faux Leather Strap, Wide Strap, Jacquard Strap, or Chain Strap. 



The Marina Grande Wallet comes with one strap and a wrist strap. You can style it as a shoulder bag, belt bag, or crossbody. 




Which is better pick for you? 

I suggest thinking about what you would like to carry with you more often. If you are more of a minimalist who loves an organized wallet, the Marina might be a better pick for you. If you need a larger bag that can fit more items, the Crissy is our most popular bag for a reason. If you're looking at the Crissy and think it's not quite enough room, take a look at our Carmel Backpack

As always, we're also here to help! Just reach out in our chat on the bottom right to ask a question. 

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