What fits in the Mini Crissy Crossbody

What fits in the Mini Crissy Crossbody

Mini Crissy Crossbody - What Items Fit Inside

Items I Pack in my Every Day Bag 

  • Phone (Pixel 4 XL)
  • Sunscreen
  • Portable Charger
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Earbuds
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys on Key-leash
  • Cards (4 slots)
  • Cash
  • Face-mask
  • Mint

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a water bottle in the Mini Crissy Crossbody? 

A small 8 oz water bottle will fit, but for a standard 16.9 oz water bottle we suggest the Crissy Full Crossbody or Carmel Backpack

Can you fit an iPad in the Mini Crissy Crossbody?

No, the bag will not fit an iPad. A Kindle or iPad mini will fit in a Crissy Full Crossbody. A iPad 11 in will fit in the Carmel Backpack. A 13" laptop will fit in the Dolores Backpack and Victoria Tote. A 15" laptop fits in a MB Backpack

Can you fit a camera in the Mini Crissy Crossbody? 

A small point and shoot will fit in the Mini Crissy Crossbody. For a larger DSLR we suggest the Crissy Full Crossbody or Carmel Backpack

What straps can you pair with the Mini Crissy Crossbody?

There are many options for customizing your Mini Crissy Crossbody with different straps to make it your own! Here are some suggestions: 

Faux Leather Short Strap 

Faux Leather Strap

Faux Leather Wide Strap 

Chain Strap with Shoulder Pad

Jacquard Short Strap

Jacquard Strap

Faux Leather Wrist Strap

Faux Leather Top Handle

Faux Fur Bracelet Keychain

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