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Become an Arden Cove Ambassador! Join our Affiliate Program.


Love Arden Cove and have an audience who would love us too? Then we might be a match made of travel loving dreams!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Arden Cove Ambassador! Partnering with Arden Cove gives you the ability to earn 20% of orders when your readers make a purchase! 

Arden Cove makes high quality travel bags with both style and function as our top priorities. If you think you're a good match, sign up for our program today and start earning cash for sharing items you love!



  • Earn 20% on new Arden Cove customers!
  • Affiliate cookie duration – 60 days
  • Newsletters with updates on promotions, contests and sales opportunities

How It Works

  1. Register to get your personalized link
  2. Introduce us to your friends and audience
  3. Start earning!

It's as easy as including a link to Arden Cove on your website! If your application is approved, simply advertise Arden Cove on your website or blog with a link, a banner, a text ad, or any combination of these methods. When your readers click on your personal Arden Cove link, it will take them to our website. Even if they don't purchase the item they clicked on right away, if they make a purchase within 60 days on any item on our website, you earn a commission.

This process is free, and at no additional cost to your followers. You can start earning right away. We pay you a portion of our profits as a thank you for sharing our products!


How to Sign Up Now for Free

Sign up by clicking the button below. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours to help you get started right away! Advertise Arden Cove by posting ads, banners, or links on your website or blog. You'll choose which of our products you want to feature. When your readers click on these ads, they will be directed to Arden Cove's website where they can shop. When they make a purchase, you earn money! 

Make sure to always use your unique URL given as that will be how we attribute sales towards your account! 


Ways to do it

  • Post on social media
  • Write an article to share with followers
  • Showcase your amazing photos
  • Make a video showcasing your Arden Cove bag
  • Add links and banners to your blog

We love helping women travel with confidence knowing their belongings are safer with Arden Cove. If you agree with us or want to help us achieve this dream while doing what you usually do, then, join our amazing affiliate program. Each time you refer a customer to Arden Cove and they make a purchase, you earn a commission.



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