Product Exchange Instructions

First, we are super excited that you received your bag! We want to make sure you are comfortable with your new cross-bodies, so if your strap length didn't fit the way you hoped, or you want a different color, here are the instructions to getting them swapped out for your desired item.

Items must be:

  • Un-used and in original condition
  • Repackaged in original protective bags/coverings
  • Returned within 30 days of arrival 

1. Please write or print out the following information on a sheet of paper:

    • Your full name, or the name under which your order was made
    • Order ID (you should find this on your packing slip in the envelope included in your package)
    • Email
    • Up-to-date shipping address (where you would like to receive your exchanged straps)
    • Desired Color or Strap lengths you'd like to switch to. Include extra instructions or notes if necessary

2. Ship the bag or strap(s) you want to exchange back to us at in the original packaging:

Arden Cove
366 Arleta ave.
San Francisco, CA, 94134. 

  • If you only want to change your strap length, you should only send the strap.
  • We recommend using USPS flat rate envelopes for the straps. Please either use the Padded envelopes, or wrap the straps in some sort of padded material.
  • To exchange bags, use the original box it was delivered in. 

Once we receive your bag and/or straps, we will switch them out, and email you an invoice for the shipping costs back to you. Once that invoice is paid, your new bags/straps will be on the way!