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250% Funded on Indiegogo! Week 4 Update

1. We are now 250% funded! Maroon color is unlocked. Check out our new updated images of all the colors to see which one you like most! They are now updated with the closest color match according to the samples Karin has sourced.
2. New Stretch Goals! We will be adding a D-ring to the main compartments of the bags when we hit $22.5k and metal feet to the bottom of the bags at $25k!
3. We are still working on a non-chain adjustable strap, but to fully transparent, we might not be able to get a design we are 100% happy with in such a short timeframe (we've been working on this bag since April this year!) We don't want to ship something we are totally in love with, so in order to stay on schedule and keep the product quality high, we might scrap plans to have the adjustable strap for this campaign. We will keep trying for this following week, and will let you know what happens!

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