Elise vs Full Crossbody Comparison / Which Is Better for you?

Elise vs Full Crossbody Comparison / Which Is Better for you?

One question we get a lot is "What the difference between our original Crissy Crossbody and our brand new Elise Crossbody?" 

Here's an in depth breakdown of the difference between the two similarly sized bags to help you decide what's best for your preferences and taste!

Overview of Features

Full Crossbody

Elise Crossbody

Normal Purse

Waterproof YKK Zippers

External Material

High Quality Rubber Backed Nylon

High Quality Microfiber Vegan Leather


Clasps on Zippers

Locking Straps

Reinforced Straps

360° Slash-Resistant Lining

RFID Blocking built in Wallet (8 Card Slots & Bill Slot)

Zipper Pocket


Wall Pockets


External Slip Pocket


D-Ring to Attach Key Leash



8.5” x 6.5” x 2.5”

8.5" x 5.5" x 3"



11.8 oz without strap

11.5 oz without strap



As you can see, both bags are very similar! No matter which way you go, you can rest assured that you'll have all of the amazing features Arden Cove is known for!

The main difference you'll see is the material of the outside, organizational pockets, and the size. Let's talk about each in more depth: 



The bags are very similar in size, but they do differ slightly. 

The Elise Crossbody is lightly shorter while being a bit wider. Keep in mind that the Full Crossbody is two compartments and tapers more at the top like a more trapezoid shape, so if we consider just the interior, Elise is wider and roomier!



This is the biggest difference in terms of looks. The Elise Crossbody is made of a Microfiber Vegan Leather which is really smooth and high quality. While not as water resistant as the rubber backed nylon on the Full Crossbody, the material is luxe feeling and if you love the look it might be the reason to go for it!


Organization & Pockets

As we mentioned, the Full Crossbody has two compartments while the Elise has one main zipper compartment and one open slip pocket in the back. 

The zipper on the Elise does also zip all the way down the wall so you can open it wider to easily see inside. Just standing alone, the Full Crossbody is less open than the Elise. 


Full Crossbody (purple) 
Elise (pink) 

You can of course see everything in the Full Crossbody but you might want to pull the sides wider to get a better view. 


Both are easy to use but positioned slightly differently. On the Elise the wallet is in the interior wall facing you, while on the Full Crossbody you open the front compartment and look at it from the top (facing the other way). 

Zipper Pocket

Both have zipper pockets on the same back side of the wall. There is a bit more overhang of material on the Elise so the pocket is better suited for items less often reached for but more secured in place.

Back Slip Pocket

The Full Crossbody has two wall pockets which the Elise does not, while the Elise has an external slip pocket on the back. This pocket does not have any zipper so it is not going to provide extra protection, but it is a very convenient place for often reached for items like tickets, bus cards, or hand sanitizer. It even fits phones and passports if you need to stash them for a minute between counters at the airport! Just keep in mind it's not as secure as putting them inside the zipper compartments.  



The Full Crossbody has been our flagship bag for the last 4 years so we've had the time and funds to really add some wonderful colors and even do some limited edition colors! The Elise is brand new and only comes in one color at the moment: Black with Gold hardware. 

We're on Indiegogo to raise the funds to run production and afford having more colors by hitting stretch goals!  

If we unlock a stretch goal of new colors- what should we add? Comment to let us know! 


Zipper Clasps

On the Elise Crossbody, there are two zipper pulls so you can open it in either direction as far as you want. One is a clasp and the other is a pull with a hole that you push the clasp onto. 

On the Full Crossbody, the clasps will hook on the the same D-ring as the straps. 



The Elise Crossbody comes with a slash-resistant and locking microfiber faux leather strap with options to add on more straps at a discount at checkout on Indiegogo. Both can work with any of our Arden Cove straps


If you have any other questions, leave a Comment or Email support@ardencove.com and we'll get back to you! :) 


  • Arden Cove

    Hi Durell, Thanks so much for your suggestions & kind words! We hope you’ll get good use out of them! :D

  • Arden Cove

    Hi Christina! Black with Gunmetal will be our 2nd color if we can hit our stretch goals! :)

  • Durell

    Lining in a burgundy colour would be beautiful in my opinion :) this bag like the rest is soooo BEAUTIFUL and functional. Everything you want and need in a bag. Well done :)

  • Cristina

    Please offer this bag and other bag styles in Gunmetal Black. 🥰

  • Cristina

    Please offer this bag and other bag styles in Gunmetal Black. 🥰

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