How she quit her $200K job to travel the world: Kashlee Kucheran of Travel off Path (+GIVEAWAY!)

How she quit her $200K job to travel the world: Kashlee Kucheran of Travel off Path (+GIVEAWAY!)

Why She Left a $200K Career to Travel the World

Ever dream about selling off all your belongings and leaving it all behind to travel the world? That's exactly what Kashlee of Travel Off Path did. 

She was making $200K, had a great career, a big house, and a nice car. But the more she made, the more she spent- and the debt kept growing. Soon enough, she was loosing control and was crippled by the debt. She realized that she had to make some drastic changes. 


How She and Her Husband Started Traveling The World

She and her husband sold off 95% of their belongings, paid off all their debt, and became minimalists. She went from a high profile real estate agent to traveling full-time. They created their travel blog Travel off Path to share their stories.

This December, Kashlee is publishing her first book, "The High Maintenance Minimalist" to share exactly how she pulled it all off. 

We love Kashlee's story, and when I found out that she was publishing a book, I knew we wanted to help share her story. 

Since she found us last year, and has been an ardent supporter of our Anti-theft Waterproof Crossbody, I felt it was only perfect for us to partner with her to give away the same bag to one of her followers! 

Enter below to not only join the giveaway, but you'll also get her FREE E-book, updates on her book, and of course, updates on Arden Cove when we launch our new bags! :)

Giveaway of the Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody!

Travel Off Path x Arden Cove Travel Bag Giveaway
Happy #WanderlustWednesday! Are you a travel blogger who made a big change like Kashlee? Have a great travel story you want us to share? Email us at with "Wanderlust Wednesday" in the subject line. 

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  • Kashlee Kucheran

    Love it ladies! I am SO excited for your new bags to launch! I brag about how amazing they are in my upcoming book! :)

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