My Go-To Ultimate Packing List Free Download & Printable

My Go-To Ultimate Packing List Free Download & Printable

If you're anything like me, constantly forgetting that one item on a trip, you'll know that this can mean anything from slightly inconvenient (a quick stop at a convenience store) to disastrous (Has anyone else forgotten their passport at home only to show up at the airport counter at a loss of what to do?). It can also be annoying and expensive, like forgetting the camera batteries and chargers plugged in at hotel rooms.

Good news is, since creating and using my Ultimate Packing List, I've been able to prevent 99% of these cases and I'm going to share it with you!

I have a couple of options to make this as easy as possible! Keep reading for directions on how to use each free printable travel packing checklist for your next vacation

1. Editable PDF Download / Printable

2. Editable Google Sheet 

3. Notion Template

Where do you like keeping your packing lists, on your phone or paper? You can also download the list and copy the items you need into your personal journal if you prefer pen & paper. 

How to Use The Ultimate Packing List

Mobile Friendly Editable PDF Download

Click the link to download, open in browser or Adobe to edit.

Editable Google Sheet 

Click the link to open in Google Sheets. Go to File > Make a Copy.

There are two tabs, one for luggage and one for personal bag. The Luggage tab is divided into categories. 

Notion Template

Click the link to open the template in Notion. Click Duplicate on the upper right corner.

The list is divided into your Luggage/ Suitcase for items that can be checked or stored in the overhead bin, and the Personal Bag / Carry On for items you'll want to keep close by.  

Make it Your Own

Create a copy of the list for a specific trip. 

Check the weather for your particular destination, and narrow down the seasonal items in the list. Feel free to delete any categories and items you feel are unnecessary for this particular trip. 

Check off the boxes as you place them in your bag. When it's time to leave your accommodation, uncheck boxes as you pack up to leave to make sure you don't leave anything behind! 

Tip: If you are more into paper lists, mark a slash when you pack it into your bag, and then on your way home, complete an X with a second slash when you pack it for the trip home. 

If you buy anything on the trip to take home, add it to your list to remember it later. 

Example Packing Guides

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How to Pack Carry On Only for International Trips!

What's in my Airplane Bag Ft. Full Crissy Crossbody

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I hope you enjoy these free printable PDF travel packing checklists for your next vacation! Let me know how you like it and if there's anything crucial I'm missing, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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