Our New Locking Clasp Straps and New Colors are here!

Our New Locking Clasp Straps and New Colors are here!

🌸Just in time for Spring  🌸
We are super excited to announce our new locking clasp straps, hardware, and colors! 
Ever since we launched our crowdfunding campaign back in 2016, one of the top requests from our customers is to have locking strap clasps. We couldn't do it back in 2016, since there were no existing purse hardware that had those capabilities and climbing/hiking carabineers were out of the question due to style and price.
We always knew we would have to make something on our own to ensure that the look and functionality of our straps would be a quality we would be proud of, and we are elated to share that we have finally gotten to that moment. 
Our new Locking Clasp Straps  🔒
We now have crossbodies, backpacks, and straps that come in our new Locking clasp style. The clasp is straight forward, and was a feature we enjoyed in anti-theft bags before we started Arden Cove. You simply twist a screw around the opening of the clasp to close and open the clasp. This gives you bags an extra layer of protection to keep your purse on your body, or when you secure it to something like a chair at a restaurant. 
Hardware Updates to Match  ⛓️
We didn't just stop at updating our straps - we wanted to make sure all our hardware matched and gave our bags a cohesive look. We also bumped up the quality of the hardware, so they maintain and last longer than our previous models. 
The lobster clasps used for the zipper pulls now will match the style of the strap clasps to match the same sleek design. Our clasps and zipper pulls are all now sporting our logo as well (I still can't get over how cute the inner zipper pocket pull is!) 
New Colors  🎨
We are launching all the features above to existing our top sellers, but also in 2 new colors! We went on Instagram and asked you what colors you wanted to see next, and the winners were Red and Chocolate brown! The crossbodies will come in both colors, and the Carmel Backpack will be available in Chocolate  🍫In addition, you guys have been loving the Black-Gunmetal combo in the Full Crossbody so we are also releasing the Carmel Backpack in Black with Gunmetal hardware!
A Note on Safety ❤️
While we are super excited to launch these new items (we've been working on these for months!), we know many people have been affected by COVID-19. Our hearts go out to those affected and hope you are staying safe, whether you are at home or abroad.
Please do not travel if you are sick and seek help if you need it. If you had plans to travel and are contemplating what to do, please do what you are comfortable with and stay updated on the current situation. 

We would like to share some resources that may help if you are traveling. 

Wash your hands frequently, and as always travel safely. ❤️

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