Surprise your Sweetie with an Adventurous Gift Valentine's Day

Surprise your Sweetie with an Adventurous Gift Valentine's Day


Have a loved one that loves to travel? Here's the ultimate personalized gift for this Valentine's day!

Wether it's your girlfriend, sister or mother, we all have that special someone who makes our lives extra magical. Here's our idea of making a super cute, personalized gift that they're sure to love forever!

1. Travel kit: 

If you're planing a big trip for Valentine's day, or have a trip coming up, surprise your loved one with a travel kit that they can take with them!

- A practical yet stylish travel bag, like our Arden Cove Anti-theft Waterproof Travel bags

- Inside, add some travel essentials like cute sunglasses, sunscreen, a lip balm (with SPF!), and some hand sanitizer. 

- If you guys have a trip coming up, print out your tickets or make a card with a photo of the destination! Create an itinerary or include a map to make it extra cute.

2. Staycation kit: 

If you two lovebirds are staying close to home, consider putting together a kit for a "staycation". 

Mini Anti-theft Waterproof Crossbody (20% off for Valentines till 2/9!) 

- Print out an itinerary to include inside, and add tickets for activities you want to do that day, like train tickets or a spa certificate. Or, add some items that hint at the activities you have planned for them- like some of their favorite snacks for a movie night.

3. Date night kit: 

Valentine's day does fall on a Wednesday, after all, so most will celebrate the day of with a dinner-date. Here's a kit to prepare for a fun night. 

Mini Anti-theft Waterproof Crossbody (20% off for Valentines till 2/9!) Check in ahead of time to see what color outfit they're wearing to pick out a color they can wear to dinner! 

- Perhaps add some jewelry to top off their accessories game. Add some chocolate, flowers, and some bubbly to celebrate at night! 


What do you think of our travel-date kits idea? Leave it in the comments below!


Karin is the co-founder of Arden Cove and co-creator of the Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbodies - bags created for women who want all the practicality and safety features without compromising in style. Shop

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