7 Strategies to Travel More in 2019

7 Strategies to Travel More in 2019

If your new years resolution is to travel more in 2019, we've got some great tips for you! Here are 7 solid ways to make sure you accomplish your goals of traveling more this year.

1. Make a financial plan

Make a realistic budget and plan how you want to set aside, make, or save that money. We've written another blog post that goes through how save money for travel.

Decide if you need to make any adjustments to how you're spending now to save more money for travel.

2. Be smart about where to put your money

It's easy to think about saving, but much harder to do. Make life easier by putting the money somewhere separate from your normal savings accounts. Having a special travel fund as opposed to a normal savings fund will remind you what you're saving so diligently for and prevent any temptation to dip into the fund prematurely.

Apps like Qapital can help you save with little effort on your part. You can set all sorts of fun rules to like rounding your purchases up to the nearest dollar and saving that difference, or if you meet your daily step goal, bank $2.

3. Save when you do spend

There are plenty of things you do need to spend money on everyday, but you can save with discounts, rebates, and rewards. Shop around for deals by using apps like iBotta, Honey, and Ebates.

If you tend to spend most of your money on dining out or gas, look for credit cards that give higher % of cashback or points for theses categories.

4. Remember it doesn't have to be big

You can always sprinkle in some smaller trips, like a weekend getaway nearby. There are probably many local attractions and events within a couple hours of your home that you never visited. How about doing it this year?

5. Be flexible and wait for a good deal

If you can get time off work or have a flexible schedule, you can save a lot by waiting for a good deal on flights and hotels. Particularly during the off-season when there aren't as many tourists to compete with. Websites like Skyscanner can assist in finding a good deal.

You will want to do some research before booking a deal that sounds too good to be true- sometimes an area is just not as nice to visit during a particular season.

6. Don't forget to plan for when you land too

It's temping, especially when dealing with an unfamiliar currency, to just swipe away once you land, but remember that you should take care of your financials on your trip as well.

Make sure you know the conversion rate and have a bank card that won't charge an foreign transaction fee. Call ahead to your bank to let them know you're traveling to make sure your card will work there. Some cards give different conversion rates at a bank or airport kiosk- so it might be worth getting a better conversion rate and paying with cash.

Do some research beforehand so you don't get blind sighted by unexpected fees.

7. Make Travel a Mindset

Travel isn't just for the rich or retired. People who travel a lot do so because they make it a priority. Don't be afraid to book the trip- you can make it happen!


Karin is the co-founder of Arden Cove and co-creator of the Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbodies - bags created for women who want all the practicality and safety features without compromising in style. Shop ArdenCove.com.

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