Change your Travel Mindset to Travel More

Change your Travel Mindset to Travel More

We all have travel dreams that, for one reason or another, never seem to pan out. Here's our tips on how to change this mindset and make your travel goals a reality. 

Stop Making Excuses and Make Travel A Priority In 2020 With These Mind Setting Questions

1. Ask yourself "Why?"

We all have our reasons of wanting to go to a specific place, which can range from hugely personal experience, to a single image we once saw as a child that stayed with us. 

When you know why travel is important to you, then the details become less overwhelming. 

The trick it to continue to ask yourself over and over again. And once you find it, continue to remind yourself. 

Perhaps your Why will change overtime due to experiences, realizations or you just come to a different realization. That's ok! Just spend some time meditation on it and it will change the way you think about travel.

2. Ask "What's stopping me?" 

When you know what you want, what's stopping you from clicking book, or boarding that plane? 

Some common reasons are

  • Financial - If you are worried about wether you can afford your trip, take a look at our guide to budgeting for a trip
  • Time - Do you work in a time intensive job where it's hard to take time off without notice? Now that it's early in the year, submit your vacation time request now, months ahead. With plenty of notice, you can sort your work load and make sure everything is in order before you leave for your trip (and not have to think about work on the trip!) 
  • Travel Buddy - If you're worried that you don't have anyone to travel with, what about traveling solo? If you're worried about if it's safe to travel solo as a woman, read our guide to traveling solo, our safety tips on solo travelhow to enjoy solo travel
  • Kids- Some families find it hard to travel with kids, in particular if it's hard for both spouses to take time off. There are plenty of destinations perfect for kids, so do research in kid-friendly activities and read blogs on how other families manage travel with kids. 

3. Ask "What is my priority?" 

At the end of the day, ask if you'd rather go with adjustments that fit your life, or not go at all? 

Choose to dedicate time and money to what you really want.

  • Come up with a realistic financial goal of how much it will cost to travel there. Make a plan of our to achieve this goal. Save money by spending less in another area that doesn't give you as much joy. 
  • Choose to work on holidays or swapping schedules with a college if they are will to cover your shifts when you want to go on that trip
  • Get comfortable with traveling by yourself by taking yourself out dining alone, or take a day to explore somewhere new nearby by yourself. 
  • If you're traveling with kids, ask what you're most concerned about. Is it about their safety? Making sure they enjoy their time? If they're old enough to talk, have a talk with them to see what they would be interested in doing.

Even if it may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, focus on the bigger picture. If it's worth it to you, these small daily actions become easier. 

4. "How can I make this a reality?"

Make an achievable plan by breaking down your goal into smaller milestones and daily tasks. 

  • Pencil in time on your calendar to work on your travel plans. When will you buy the tickets? By when will you book accommodations? 
  • If you're budgeting, make clear goals by certain dates. Put it in your calendar to make sure you're on track. 
  • Be proactive with your work schedule. Tell your coworkers about your goals, and they may be more supportive in helping the load in terms of schedule or workload. 
  • Figure out how to make it easier to travel with your family. If one spouse cannot go, can a grandparent come join in on the fun and help with an extra pair of eyes? Maybe you can have a larger group trip with two families where kids can play together and there's additional adults to make it easier all around. 

It's easier to not get overwhelmed by details when you have a clear roadmap in front of you. 

Ready to get started? A great place to state is with these 5 Strategies to Travel More in 2020

I’d love to know: What are your big travel dreams? Drop them in the comments. 


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