Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day Everyone! Arden Cove would not exist without some very wonderful women that I want to share with you! 

First of all, of course, I have to acknowledge my sister and co-founder, Carmen. Without her, Arden Cove would literally not exist. 

Back when I left my job in 2015, Carmen was encouraging despite me quitting without a backup plan or another job lined up. "Do something that makes you happy! Let's start a company!" she'd say. 

Carmen is the type of person who comes up with a dozen business/project ideas and I'm the pessimist who says "What's so special about blah blah blah". She teaches me to dream bigger and try harder, even when I'm really just afraid of failing. I would never even dream of starting a company if it wasn't for her. 

What you might not know about Carmen is that she works on Arden Cove on top of having a full time job and having two babies Skylla (5) and Aysa (3). 

People often ask what's it like working with my sister, expecting some sibling rivalry drama, but to be honest I always say she's the easiest person to work with. She's smart, logical, easy going and stays calm in times of stress. We're very close and know how to work together-- after-all, we've had a lot of practice!

Instead what's really hard is working around her schedule, but somehow she always manages to find time. Sometimes we work around the 3 dozen cupcakes she's making for her girl's preschool party. We make it happen.

We rocked some serious bowl cuts! Karin (left) and Carmen (right) sitting on the stairs of childhood home. 

Fun Fact: We scheduled two major Arden Cove launches around the birth of Skylla and Aysa so that Carmen would have more downtown during maternity leave to work on Arden Cove. 

We are both of course super thankful for our supportive family. They were always encouraging of us when we started and give not just emotional support, but also the occasional manual labor. 

Can't stop, won't stop. Every single family member helps with Arden Cove. They can't escape! And to be honest, we can't stop them from getting involved!

Our wonderful mama who watches after the kiddos so that Carmen can work on Arden Cove

When We first launched our Indiegogo campaign, we brought 500 bags to our parent's house who graciously lent us their garage. After work, Carmen would come over and we'd wrap, pack, box, and label- all to the tunes of Hamilton. My dad cooked us dinner while Carmen's husband Matt, my mom, or aunt watched the kids. Sometimes my mom and aunt helped us pack as well!

After dinner, when everything was packed for the day we'd load up the van and make a trip to the post office. My niece would climb into the trunk and insist on handing every box to us before we would hand it to the post office employee, who was very nice and patient with it all!

Boxes on boxes- my sister, mom and aunt worked very hard with me, helping us pack and ship the bags when we were starting out! 

This is only a short snippet of all the things my sister, mom and aunt did to help build Arden Cove. I wouldn't know where to begin with a comprehensive list! But I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into the behind-the scenes of Arden Cove.

I hope you all have a wonderful International Women's Day. I hope you send some love to the women in your life! 


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