Must-Have Backpack Essentials for Every College Freshman

Must-Have Backpack Essentials for Every College Freshman

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August is here, and you know what that means: School. And what comes with a new school year? School supply shopping!

I’ve compiled a list of backpack essentials every college student should carry to pack for success this school year.

Laptop Backpack // Laptop // Notebook // Pens // Highlighters // Post-It Notes // Textbooks // Mini Stapler // Wallet // Keys // Snacks // Headphones // Flashdrive // Portable Charger

The list seems typical, but the key in the details.

First off, of course, I recommend the Arden Cove Daily Laptop Backpack. Not only did we design it to be perfect for carrying laptops with it’s suspended, padded laptop sleeve, this backpack is actually sturdy enough to tote your heavy textbooks around campus for years to come (finally!).

Notebooks are great if you prefer the good ol’ pen and paper approach to take notes. Personally, I think it’s faster and more visual - you can draw diagrams and mark up the important parts. I also recommend sectioning off a notebook for each class by tabbing it with a colored Post-It note.

Colorful highlighters and Post-It notes are important to creating all your perfectly color-coded notes and taking notes on your reading. And, it’s always nice to have some color to keep spirits up when you’re dozing off at that 8am after 3 hours of sleep the night before…

A mini stapler has saved me more than once when I was printing 10-page papers 5 minutes before class. 10/10 would recommend!

And of course, the necessities: Wallet, keys. Snacks are great when you’re running low on blood sugar between classes, clubs, and sports (we know you busy, girl). Headphones are helpful to listen to those lecture podcasts (or, you know, music). Finally, but not least, a portable charger because I know you be playing Pokemon Go at your campus gym.  

Hopefully you now have a feel for the things you need. Best of luck on your studies!

 We have a new backpack! Back on Indiegogo here: 

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