New Years Resolutions for Travel Lovers to Make in 2022 (Even if You Can't Travel Yet)

New Years Resolutions for Travel Lovers to Make in 2022 (Even if You Can't Travel Yet)

Another year has come and gone and we're facing another year filled with uncertainty and possibilities. 

While 2021 has been kinder than 2020 - we've been able to go out more, gotten vaccines and boosters, travel has been less restrictive - we're also not quite in the clear especially with the new Omicron variant on the rise. 

That doesn't mean we shouldn't foster our sense of adventure and exploration - for both our physical and mental health. We already have a post on how to travel while stuck at home, and here are even more ideas to add to your New Years Resolutions this year.

Get your calendars ready to plan something new each month.

1. Discover Local Gems

Go visit a local park, drive out to a scenic hike on the weekend, visit a new part of the beach, or go swimming at a different pool. While we love day dreaming about faraway locales, it's a good time to remember that your own backyard is full of it's own charm.

One of my most relaxing trips this year was a local camping trip to a previously unknown-to-me small state park. 

2. Try New Cuisines

Restaurants have it hard with all the inconsistencies and changes in regulations. Though it is for the health of everyone, it's hard to always be adapting to changes. When possible, how about trying out new cuisines or dishes you're curious about? You just might find a new favorite go-to order. 

3. Explore Specialized Markets

Find a dish you've never had but would love to try (maybe crack open that cook book you got over the holidays!). Perhaps it has some ingredients that might be harder to source but maybe it means a fun trip to a new market you've never been.

Some ideas: order some pierogi and kielbasa at the Polish deli, pick up some kimchi and marinated short ribs at a Korean market, explore the spices and sweets in a halal market. 

4. Go on a Road Trip

Find a cute getaway a hour or two away in the woods (or wherever) and get away for the weekend. Or make it a longer trip to visit some national or state parks for some forest bathing (yes that's a real thing!).

5. Try a outdoor hobby

Go bird watching, mushroom hunting (with people who know mushrooms), take nature photography, go rock climbing, kayaking, star gazing, join an outdoor work out class. 

6. Try an indoor hobby

For the music inclined, try an adjacent instrument (ex. flutist can try a Chinese flute, or a simple ocarina for some one less musically skilled like I am). Learn a new style of dance or workout with online videos. Make something inspired by cultures, antiques and styles you love, like ceramics inspired by greek vases, make your own clothing, or write a short story inspired by a memory or pure imagination.

How to make your Resolutions Stick in 2022

We've all made resolutions on New Years Eve only to let to go after a couple weeks. If you want to make your goals a reality, here are our best tips: 

1. Plan it out. Pencil it into your planner, make a savings plan to pay for it, take time off work to do it, make space in your home to store any new items or the room to do the activity. 

2. Commit to the practice. For most, it isn't a sudden change that will transform you but a gradual repetition of a practice. Visualize, check in, and gently remind yourself often. 

3. Give yourself grace. If you look back halfway through the year and realize you didn't do *that thing* you wanted, don't be hard on yourself. There's always the rest of the year to get back on track or change your goal if you realize there's new priorities in your life.

You don't have to reinvent yourself because it's a new year, but perhaps a reflective time to mindfully work towards what makes you happy & thrive. 


Wishing you a bright, healthy & happy new year!

- Carmen & Karin

Co-founders of Arden Cove

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