Strategies to Achieve Your Travel Goals with New Year Resolutions

Strategies to Achieve Your Travel Goals with New Year Resolutions

If your new years resolution is to travel more, we've got some great tips for you! Here are 5 solid tips to make your travel dreams come true.

Make Travel A Priority In The New Year With These Goal Setting Tips


1. Set your goal

This is a good time to start fleshing out your vision.
  • You can start with a broader vision board or brain storm session, look up photos, and decide on the general goal of the trip. Piece images together, and include words or activities that appeal to you. 
  • What is the general goal of the trip? Are you looking for an adventure or a peaceful retreat?
After establishing the boarder vision, work on the details. 
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How long will the trip be?
  • Who do you want to go with?
  • When is a good time that fits your work/school schedule?
  • If you need to save money for the trip, what is your deadline?
Make the earliest arrangements first. For example, if your job requires a long notice time, try to get your time off approved early on so you have a deadline to work towards.

    2. Make a financial plan

    Make a realistic budget and plan how you want to set aside, make, or save that money. We've written another blog post that goes through how save money for travel. Here are some ideas of how to get started: 

    • Do you need to make any adjustments to how you're spending now?
    • Where will you put aside the money you save? This can be a separate savings account, an app like Qapital, or even an envelope!
    • You can save on items you buy everyday with with discounts, rebates, and rewards. Shop around for deals by using apps like iBotta, Honey, and Ebates.
    • If you tend to spend most of your money on dining out or gas, look for credit cards that give higher % of cashback or points for theses categories. These points can be used towards your trip!

    3. Check in periodically

    Once you have a goal and a deadline, keep yourself accountable.

    • Pencil in time to check in weekly or monthly to make sure you're on the right track
    • See your progress and see where you may improve or adjust your goals. Be honest and patient with yourself. 
    •  Pin your vision board to your wall, fridge or in your planner to make sure it's somewhere you can see it to stay motivated

    4. Tell your friends and family 

    A good way to keep yourself on track is to tell your family or close friends. Tell them what this would mean to you, and ask them to check in with you to keep you on track. It will add weight to the goal and feel even better once you share your trip with them. 

    5. Make Travel a Mindset

    Even if you have a packed schedule or a tight budget, make time to get away just for yourself. Perhaps a walk through a neighborhood you don't visit often, or a trip to a new restaurant. Just stay open to that sense of curiosity, adventure, and wanderer mentality! 


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