5 Easy Holiday Content Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

5 Easy Holiday Content Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

Rule #1 is to always use your unique URL link to make sure you get proper attribution for sales. Got it? Good. Let’s start! 

The Holidays are upon us and as an Arden Cove Ambassador, it’s a wonderful time to share some of your favorite Arden Cove products with followers who are shopping for gifts, themselves, or looking for a good deal for both. Here are some easy ways to incorporate your affiliate marketing into your platforms and increase revenue while staying on brand and providing value to your viewers. 

Gift Guides

Gift guides are the holy grail of holiday articles but how do you do it without getting lost in the sea of generic gift guides? 

Tip 1: Stay on Brand

What do your viewers love to see from you? If you have colorful outfits, love to travel, have an adorable puppy, your gift guide recommendations should reflect it. Include items you use and love (and your viewers have seen you using), and items that fit within your brand/lifestyle visually and functionally. 

Conversely, having items that are not within that “brand” can be taken the wrong way, sowing distrust. Afterall, who would trust a recommendation for an item that seems out of character? You don’t want the viewer to look at the item and think “I don't think she actually uses it! It must be sponsored. She doesn’t actually like it but is trying to make money off it.”

What if you have a strange out-of-character but really awesome thing you love but haven’t shared it before? Set expectations with a title like “Unexpected items I love” or “Surprisingly great products I haven't shared till now” or “Fav products I’ve kept a secret!”.

Tip 2: Leverage Popular Searches

People love gift guides for a reason. Most people are looking for some ideas on what to gift, or are searching for something extra special and want social proof that it’s something good. Optimise your SEO with popular search terms like: 

  1. Must-Have Holiday Gift Guide
  2. Holiday Gift Guide Under $X
  3. Top Gifts for Women/Men/Girls/Boys
  4. What To Get your Wife/Girlfriend/Husband/Boyfriend This Christmas
  5. Stocking Stuffers under $20

Tip 3: Play to your Niche

If you have a specific type of audience, create a gift guide just for them. Take a look at your most popular posts to determine which categories people are looking at your content for. Then create gift guides tailored to your audience. 

For example, if you have a travel blog, try some of these ideas:

  1. Best Holiday Travel Lover Gifts 2020
  2. Gift Guide for the Female Traveler in Your Life
  3. Travel Gadgets They’ll Actually Love
  4. Picture Perfect: Gifts for Travel Photographers
  5. Safety Travel Products Every Traveler Should Own
  6. Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Camping Expert

Tip 4: Make it Visual

Make use to include images of the products you’re recommending. The shopper is really looking for items that fit their giftee in style, and may be looking for a “wow” factor. You can also use photo editing apps to even compile images to a collage so people have a preview of what they’re clicking into. 

Wish Lists

Like a gift guide but for items you don’t have --yet! Maybe it’s a new item from a brand you love, a trendy brand you’ve seen all over instagram that you’re curious to try, or something someone recommended to you. This is a good moment to share why you’re interested in this item and what items you’ll be picking up for yourself during sales. Others are also probably curious and you can always segway this into a future product review! 

  1. Wish List Items on My Radar
  2. Gifting This to Myself This Holiday 
  3. Items I Want Because Of TikTok/Instagram
  4. What’s on my Wish List

Holiday Sales Overviews

Have items you love going on sale for Black Friday? Share the inside scoop with your followers.

Share the deals that you’re keeping an eye out for. It can be products you love and recommend but your followers are waiting for a discount before pressing checkout. They’re more likely to buy if they know you love it and that it’s at the lowest price offered. 

  1. Smart Travel Products to Invest in this Black Friday
  2. Best Travel Product Deals this Holiday Season
  3. My Favorite Brands on Black Friday Sale
  4. The Ultimate Travel Bag is on Sale this Black Friday
  5. Don’t Miss These Black Friday Deals On My Favorite Brands

Here at Arden Cove, we’re starting a sale on Black Friday midnight (11/27/2020 11:59PM PST). 

Winter Outfits

If you love fashion, winter outfits are a natural thing to share. It’s unique in that people are often looking for more functional pieces during the winter months - coats have to keep you warm, winter boots designed for snowy pavement, a bag that keeps belongings dry despite snow and winter drizzle *hint hint*  ;) 

  1. Week of Winter Outfits for Snow Lookbook
  2. Favorite Winter Staples in my Closet
  3. How to Transition to Winter Closet
  4. What to Wear Chic Winter Outfits
  5. Winter Date Night Ideas Lookbook 

Product Reviews

While Product Reviews don’t inherently scream holidays, this is the time of year people are looking for reviews of certain items they want to give or pick up on sale. The research types will want to find real people using products for a honest review to determine if the product is right for themselves or their loved ones. 

If there’s an item people always ask for your opinion about when they see you post it on instagram, maybe it’s time to write a full product review to share.



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