Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Checklist

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How to Plan a Honeymoon

With all the work that goes into wedding planning, it's easy for the Honeymoon planning to go to the wayside. To make it as organized and easy as possible, we've gathered all our favorite tips and to-dos in this article. Hope you two love birds have a great time!

Check in on the wishlist

Get on the Same Page

  • Discuss with your spouse on what type of honeymoon you would both enjoy.
  • Is it lounging on the beach? Is it an epic tour of Europe filled with pasta and history? Is it trying something completely new in countries you’ve never been? Is it an all inclusive resort because you’re burned out from decision making on your wedding? Whatever it is, make sure you’re both on the same page.


  • Once you get an idea, start researching on the options within that space and budget you’re looking for.
  • Sites like Expedia and Kayak can help give you an idea of budget. 
  • Look through travel magazines and websites for inspiration. You may find a hidden gem that speaks to you so be open to suggestions. 

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Make a Budget

  • Start getting a rough idea of how much this trip will cost and how much you would both like to budget for it. Look up some flights, accommodations and big ticket activities you would like to do, as well as a rough idea of daily expenses like lunch and dinner.
  • Start a spreadsheet to keep track of bookings (Free Download Expense Tracker)
  • Websites like FlightTracker can help you secure a good deal and stay on budget. 
  • While this trip is likely going to be more expensive than a normal trip, stay realistic so that you’re not going to resent yourself or your partner for over splurging later on. Discuss which parts are worth spending a little more to make it extra special, and which aspects you may not care for as much so you can skip or budget less on. 
  • Some couples opt for asking guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund instead of receiving wedding gifts. You can use websites like Zola to make it fun like listing out some activities you guys want to do on the honeymoon like scuba diving or a fancy dinner so guests can pick what they want to treat you to. 
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Planning Ahead

Prepare any paperwork

  • If you are going to different countries, be sure to check that your passports and visas are ready to go.
  • Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip so if you’re cutting it close it might be worth filing some paperwork to renew it beforehand. 
  • Check if countries you are visiting require or have any recommended vaccines or medical information you should be aware of.

Check work schedules 

  • Find dates that work for you both and get time off. If your job has busy seasons you can try to avoid those dates in order to get more time off for a more lenient schedule. 

Check seasonality and weather at your desired location

  • Sure you may save money by going off season, but make sure you aren’t going all the way there just to be stuck for hurricane season! 
  • Knowing the weather will also help you plan what clothing or items to bring to make life easier. Our water resistant bags were inspired by our founder Carmen's own honeymoon, where she and her husband was caught in a sudden rain shower in Bali! 

Research any Travel Advisories

  • Know beforehand if there are any travel advisories for the countries you are traveling to. If you are planning to start a family right away, you may want to avoid any countries with Zika risk. 
  • If a country is notorious for pickpockets, get yourself an anti-theft bag to have peace of mind during your travels. 

Book the most in demand items first

  • You may want to start booking everything, but start with the most important items first like plane tickets and hotel rooms to make sure you're not stuck with the last options. 
  • Always ask what their cancellation policy is in case you want to change plans or find a better deal later. 
  • If you are dying to go to a popular Michelin starred restaurant that books out months in advance, check when reservations open and book calendar reminders to make sure you snag a table. As you book items, keep track of reservations with our Travel Tracker (free download)
  • Same goes for a popular attraction where you need a reservation, tickets to a show, or activities that are on your bucket list.
  • You can leave less urgent reservations for later, or keep your schedule open for relaxation time. 

Take turns planning

  • Depending on you and your partner’s love of being surprised, you may want to pick two days where you plan the day’s activities for one another. Discuss how much they want to know (outfits, adventure / energy needed, etc.) so you have a better idea if they want a full blown surprise adventure like a horseback riding along the beach, or if they want something less committal but equally thoughtful, like a romantic breakfast in bed, or ending the night with a bubble bath with bubblies and rose petals. 

Enjoying your trip

Mix it up!

  • Especially if you and your partner have differences in taste for lounging and adventure, compromise by having some dedicated “off” time for sitting beach side or people watching at a cafe, and schedule more adventurous activities like an epic hike or hot balloon ride.
  • You don’t want to overload your schedule as some of the sweetest moments can just be relaxing with your love, so don’t spend it running from one spot to the other and stretching yourselves too thin. 

Tell the world you’re on your honeymoon!

  • Sure it’s cliche, but many times people love hearing that you’re celebrating something special. You might even find some extra perks like champagne in your hotel room, a congratulatory message on your dessert plate, or hear a fun story about the stranger’s / new friend’s honeymoon! People love love so don’t be shy when they ask if you’re celebrating anything special.

Pack something special for your partner

  • Maybe you know your partner always forgets that one item so show you’re taking care of them by adding it to their bag.
  • Some other fun ideas may be a bluetooth speaker for music, their favorite snack or candy for the mid-flight mood boost, a deck of cards to play with, a travel journal you can both add to, a disposable or instax camera, or some sexy lingerie (it is a honeymoon after-all!) 

Enjoy your time together!

No matter where you go or what you do, the honeymoon is about spending time together and making new memories! Get ready to have a blast at your wedding with friends and family, then decompress with your partner for some much needed one on one time after all the festivities. 

Have any more tips for a perfect honeymoon? We'd love to hear them in a comment below!


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